Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Scoring Fluff

2lb. Bag O' Fiber Crack
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My supply was starting to run dangerously low.

Definitely time for a fix.

Revealed current distressed situation to fellow addict.

Fellow addict (Hi Jenna! I can’t link to you due to work blog ban!), ever resourceful in situations such as this one, contacted mutual dealer (Hi John! Ditto as for Jenna!) to determine whether he had any inventory to move.

Dealer flush.

Fluff to move.

Addicts drove over to mutually agreed upon destination to score some fluff.

Crumpled up bills exchanged for big bag of white in the corner of a Culver City parking lot.

Addicts' thirst sated...for now...


Deneen said...

LOL-I bought yarn that way once and joked it was easier to get crack then the true addiction I have.

Have fun!

Carol said...

~snort~ The laugh kind

Nano said...

Too funny. So surreal. But it's true. It's an addiction I tell ya!

nstssj said...

One must do what one must to avoid yarn-dope-sickness ;)

Julie said...

How much is that? 'Cause I'm so used to buying yarn by length, I've got no clue as to weights. I recently bought what, in my mind, was "A little fiber to learn to spin with". Last night I tried to put it in a milk crate AND IT WOULDN'T FIT.

You need to come over. We'll roll around on piles of fiber and giggle with glee.

Batty said...

You scored some great fluff! Gotta love those parking lot transactions...

natasha said...

should you need any fluff, white or otherwise, let me know. i am happy to encourage your bad habits. i have so much (25 lb "bumps" they are called...seriously, they are!) and than random bits and pieces. okay, lbs. not bits. whatever.