Friday, April 18, 2008

Danish Serape?

What does LadyLinoleum get when she pairs some of her lovely hand dyed yarn with the Traditional Danish Tie-Shawl pattern from the latest issue of Spin-Off mag?

Nothing short of a Danish Serape!

Both bright and bold, this cool wrap combines some of my old dye experiments with that of the new. The variegated red is Kool-Aid (and so it begins), as is the turquoise variegated, while the cobalt was achieved in a Jacquard dye bath. All of the yarn is Bare Peruvian Highland Wool (fingering weight) from Knit Picks, which is a great starter yarn for beginning dyers, oh by the way.

The shawl construction is very intriguing as it begins with a starter rectangle, stitches picked up along three sides to form a triangle, then continues with the body of the shawl, increasing at the center and ends on every other row. The beginning rectangular sequence of stitches is brilliant actually.

Ooooh, I almost forgot! The other very cool aspect of this shawl? The edging!

It's braided! Actually, it's crocheted. But it looks braided! Crocheted with two colors simultaneously, this edging is a finishing technique that I intend to use again and again. Cool eh?

Spin-Off always has wonderful knitting (and crochet) patterns in addition to great articles and project ideas for the spinner. It is my current fave mag to be sure.

Now, if I could just figure out what to wear with this shawl, I'd be sittin' pretty...literally!

Happy Friday all!


Marie said...

I love the shawl (especially the edging). But I have never heard the type described as a "Danish" shawl. And that's kind of funny, because I am Danish, living in Copenhagen.

Please, Regina, could you teach us how to make that fabulous edging?


Julie said...

That.Is.Fabulous. I love the shawl and especially your use of color.

Cat said...

The shawl is lovely. Very nice colors !!!

Andy's Crafts said...

The edging is very clever.

Teaching Handwork said...

I would like to add you to my blog list... your creations are so fun

Micky said...

Yes very cool edging!
Another beauty.

Lady Hands said...

Your work so nice.

Kerry said...

I love it!! I have wanted one since I read the article in Spin Off-- but since I can't knit worth a dime, I've been trying to figure out how to do this with crochet.

Can you post your pattern for us? Do you start at the bottom-"V" or across the flat?

Anonymous said...

I have knitted 10 of these shawls including a doll shawl as well.They are addictive.eythist 38 Interesting edging but do yourself a favor and do it in two colors to keep it under control and know where you are going. I tried it with one color and it got very confusing. It isn't difficult and gives a nice finish.