Thursday, October 25, 2007

LinoleumLand Updates

Lots of updates from LinoleumLand...

First, awards!

I received these very special honorable mentions eons ago and just forgot to post about them. Sorry girlies! I'm a sloth.

Rockin' Girl Blogger came from Samantha and...

Nice Matters Award came from Christina!

Thanks so much you two! Again, my profuse apologies for my brain blitz! Too much going on around here...

Second, Kool-Aid Q&A!

I received a plethora of questions about my L'Aid Dye-Fest. Here come the answers...

Angharad asks, "Which one was the blue??"

Berry Blue.

Deneen comments, "Isn't it so darn addictive?"

More so than I ever thought it would be. Really, I placed a HUGE order with KnitPicks for some nudie yarn (read - ready for dye) yesterday. Yeah, like I need more yarn.

Andy inquires, "Does it make a difference between unsweetened and sweetened?"

I've no idea. I used the unsweetened because that's what KnitPicks says to use in their tutorial.

Jean questions, "What yarn did you use?"

Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool in Natural and Cascade 220 in Ecru.

Miranda asks, "What happens when you wash the yarn?"

Water runs clear. Kool-Aid is kolorfast. How scary is that???

Miranda further inquires, "Would I be able to felt the stuff I make? or would the hot wash fade it?"

Now, I'm certainly far from expert here, but since the process is one of hot to boiling water to transfer the color into/onto the yarn, I doubt very much if it would fade while felting. I'd try it!

Thirdly, travel!

Just an FYI here. I will be in NYC from Sunday to Tuesday for work. Yuck. Anyway, I plan to do a little shoppin' and maybe even a bit of gallery hoppin' should time allow for a bit of goofin' off.

Happy Thursday kids!!


Miranda said...

I'm totally going to try this out. Would I be able to felt the stuff I make? or would the hot wash fade it? Sorry to ask so many questions but it just so interesting to me and the possible mess factor is equally attractive.

stuffed said...

I've felted it, in alpaca, and it was fine.

We're supposed to post about awards? Oops!

Ellen Bloom said...

Hmmm? Colorfast Kool-Aid in our stomachs. Does that mean our insides are permanently Berry Blue?

Have fun in NY! I've always wanted to go on one of these tours:
Call her, maybe you can swing it!

X said...

Have fun! If you're in the mood for fancy, go to Purl!

nastassja mills said...

I tried sweetened--it turned out weirdly sticky. But that may have to do with my lack of skill more than the Kool-Aid.

Tracie said...

You didn't even mention that your Bloody Saw Crocheted Scarf was featured on Craft Magazine's website. You go girl!

Christina said...

Ooh, I live in NYC. If you need anything while you're up here, just holler!

susan said...

oh damn! if ONLY i could get down to see you... that would be so much fun.
so much to do. make sure you go to brooklyn.
have a lovely time!

Starfish said...

What about the obvious question " what are you going to MAKE with all that colorful stuff?". Wouldn't be surprised if it was a crocheted Carmen Miranda hat!

If you go to Seaport yarns, you better let me know. I work right next door and would LOVE to see the linoleum queen in person!!

Christina said...

hey Starfish, you work ridiculously close to me, LOL. I work in the green glass octagon shaped building a block over from the seaport.

Andy's Crafts said...

Thank You for the answers, It is amazing what one can do with Koolaid, I wounder if it works with Jello! lol!

Batty said...

Oh, crap, I never put mine up either! I better find where the awards stuff came from, or the people who nominated me for it will think I'm rude!

Dawna said...

Looks like the "What Not To Crochet" people are getting a bit of a friendly earful after posting your saw scarf:

My comment is awaiting moderation. :)

Jenn L said...

I bet any mom whose kids have spilled Koolaid all over the living room carpet can attest to its colorfastness... :rolls eyes: Glad to hear that it doesn't disappoint when intentionally using it as a dye! LOL

Sally said...

Oh man, now I want to go buy some Kool Aid and start dye-ing. But I still have two months to go on the yarn diet! Waaaaah!

Anonymous said...

Hi there:)

This is a fellow knitter and crochetter. I woud love to stay in touch with you. I heard about you through Leigh. Any who....My name is Arlene Hermann aka crochetwit2000. I have been knitting and crochetting since i was 11 years old. I am from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Yes....I am a midwesterner. I DO have family and a couple of friends who live in California. my best friend in the whole wide world lives in Escondido. He has a lot of my creations i have made. Just wanted to tell you how much I love your kool-aid dyes. How do you do the varigated colors. just curious? I love looking at your creative monster creations and other things. I too love to travel. I have been to California three times! Twice in San DIego and once in LA area to visit my Uncles and my cousins. I will be coming to your fine state again in September to celebrate my friend's and my birthdays in Escondidio. I can't wait to see him...Anyway, I would love to hear from you. have a great Saturday! Hugs!

Arlene Hermann:)

Anonymous said...

Hey You:)

If you would like to email me, I am at and we can talk "turkey" so to speak. Someone from my volunteer place., calls me a machine because I have too much time on my hands so i do lot of knitting and crochetting. I made in 2007 I made14 afghans, 14 knitted hats, 2 scarves, two pair of crochetted mittens, 4 potholders,(one knitted and three crochetted)and one prayer shawl. I made two quilted purses. So, I keep my fingers happy and busy. I am worlking on right now my second corner-to-corner afghan for 2008. I made purchase some various Kool-Aid and try my hand of yarn dying. that would be fiun to create things with your own dyed yarns. if you would like you could check out my FO on my myspace site. I have various pictures of my creations, family and my best friend. I look forward to hearing from you.. Hugs!

Arlene Hermann :)

Anonymous said...

by the way...I forgot to give you the link to myspace so you COULD see my site. Ooops! Hugs!

Arlene Hermann:)

MissVicki said...

I have have been experimenting and can confirm that YES, sweetened KA and Jelly do both work. But extra care needs to be taken at those high tempratures. That is what causes the stickness from the sweetened KA. Jelly (or I suppose I should say Jello, most of you are from the States) can be even more trouble, on account of the gellatin content I think. You need a long and low heat 'cooking' method when sugar is involved. For example, if you use the microwave method, it only takes 1 measley minute for your yarn to burn. Ask me how I know, heh.