Friday, May 06, 2011

Designing Despite It All...

I am trying to keep my designer brain active while attempting to slog through my latest personal morass. (I don't want to get into the specifics of this right now, but I will probably share it eventually.) However, I did want to let you know that I do have two new crochet patterns available in the latest issue of Crochet Today mag...

Nothing like a cute little Wizard's Cape to turn my frown upside down! I really enjoyed creating this one. So much so that I even reproduced a larger one for myself after finishing the cape pictured above. (Come on, you all know I'll wear it.) Oh, and it's simple! Easy enough for a beginner. It's all done in single crochet. Stars and moon are appliques. Did I already mention that it's an easy peasy project???

Next up, the Bazaar Bag!

I really like designing bags. They are always challenging and don't take huge amounts of time to create (making these the perfect design projects for my current short attention span issue). The panels on this bag are worked up in two stages: the body and then the petals. It looks time consuming, but it actually works up pretty quickly. I love the way the finished product looks as well. I will probably tackle one for myself using a lighter weight yarn (the pattern in the mag calls for alpaca, which is a bit heavier than I like for a bag).

Anyway kids, that's my design scoop for now. I am working up the energy to post from time to time as I am working on several new patterns that I'd like to share with you. Things are just really messy right now, which seems to derail my ability to gather my thoughts into a coherent format. I am trying though...

Have a lovely weekend everyone! Your love and support is so important to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Status of Things

Another rough year here at ChezLinoleum. Keeping up with my blog is really next to impossible at this point. I am declaring this an official blog vacation. Don't know when or if I'll be back.

Thank you everyone for your wealth of kindness and support. You've been amazing.

Monday, February 07, 2011

More Homespun!

I've been doing a lot of spinning lately. I love this process. It's incredibly meditative, satisfyingly creative and well, who doesn't love a craft in which the by-product is yarn? Speaking of which, here's a bit of bamboo top...


This was my first experience spinning bamboo. It was a super easy spin! I loved the feel of it passing through my fingers and check out that sheen! More bamboo top purchases in my future to be sure.

Next up, another pulled silk sari single...

Pulled Silk Sari Single

I love spinning this stuff too mostly due to the fact that pulled silk sari fiber is an inherently wacky spin. Easy to get a thick/thin single during the spin process.

Needless to say, my wheels are getting a workout!


Many more spools to ply and show. Stay tuned kids!

Friday, January 07, 2011

Have Yarn Will Travel

Winged Thing
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Well kids, I embark on my first trip of the new year next week. Off to the colder climes of New York City. Aaahhh Manhattan, an environ in which I've spent a lot of time working and playing AND as a result, a locale that I've come to think of as my home away from home. Seriously, I average 1-2 weeks a month there at this point!

Needless to say, I also spend a lot of time flying around in a big metal tube, which I've come to terms with as it affords me relatively uninterrupted knit or crochet time. This, I love! Sitting in uncomfortable seats and trying to get the frakin' video system to run without a hitch, not so much. Nonetheless, I usually take comfort in knowing that my yarn, needles or hook will pretty much get me through any travel-related irritants no worse for the wear.

Aside from figuring out which project to take along with me on a journey (this can take hours, even days), I've gotten really good at toting my crafty gear around in a user-friendly, I'm-packed-in-like-a-sardine-seat-conditions-so-my-stuff-needs-to-be-easily-accessible kind of way...

First and foremost, I do NOT attempt to bring along a new project. Too many variables here from gauge to yarn amounts needed to sustain me for the trip to possible reference books needed if directions elude my poor little brain. Nope, unless it's already on needles or ready for immediate hook insertion, it ain't making it into my bag.

Second, WIP, yarn, and collateral supplies must fit into my Eagle Creek Pack-It Cube. If this stuff exceeds the confines of my zippered containment system (and I have the biggest one they offer) then this stuff gets to see me again when I return home from my journey.

Third, I have a small zippered pouch (fits inside the big cube) for stitch markers, tapestry needle, crochet hook (knitters, you should also have this with you at all times...makes picking up dropped stitches A BREEZE), smallest post-it notes I can procure from the cube farm, a small pair of scissors (or the Clover ninja star thread cutter), a pencil and/or a pen. Oh, and this little pouch is attached to a lanyard so that I can wear it around my neck during the flight. This way I don't drop anything and my supplies are easily accessible.

That's my patented Have-Yarn-Will-Travel system and trust me kids, it works. I do not have trouble going through security (even toting my little scissors), I can obtain my crafty cube easily out of my larger travel tote when crammed into my seat and I can easily manage my crafty implements when seated for the duration of my flight. Definitely makes for happy trails for this yarn obsessed Lady of the Linoleum!

Thursday, January 06, 2011

New Yarn for a New Year!

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Happy New Year kids!

Good news! I've been busy knitting, crocheting, spinning and weaving since the onset of Autumn. In fact, I now have a "photography pile" again. Oh yes, stacks of FOs waiting for their chance to shine on this little bloggy. I feel like I am finally moving beyond the nightmarish circumstances that have plagued my life during the last several years. It is with much happiness that I declare my creative mojo kicking in again. It's an amazing feeling and as a result you can expect some regular posts here again. Yay!

This week, I've got a few hanks of newly fashioned homespun to share with you. The black/white/gray colorway at the back of the photo is 100% wool and plied with a multi-sparkly thread. The reddish colorway at the front of the photo is a single spun from pulled silk sari fiber. That particular yarn is already project bound as I am finishing up another woven diamond shawl made entire of that stuff. Needless to say, I've got many more spools waiting to be plied or hanked-up for final processing. In fact, I spun approximately 1000 yards of yarn on New Year's Day. So excited to use these fibers in some of the 2011 projects that I have planned!

In addition to the "all things yarn" front, I am launching a new travel blog and I am participating in a photo a day project this year. Look for the first travel blog post later this week (I will link to it here) and well, you can check out my flickr for the 365 photos anytime. Looking forward to sharing a prosperous and productive 2011 with you all! Hugs all around!