Friday, March 13, 2015

Pizza by the slice for you - NEW PATTERN AVAILABLE!

Hi kids!

My little fingers have been busy making pizza...

Oh yes, now you can eat your pizza and hang it your wall too!

This lovely life-size slice of pepperoni pizza is crocheted using size 10 thread and a 1.65mm steel hook. It's got a puffy crust that lines the entire back side of the slice, just like real life. I have also included an applique version of this slice of pizza heaven in the pattern so that you can whip up slices to sew onto your favorite tote bag or jacket. I made one for my jean jacket and it looks splendid if I do say so myself.

Thread not your thing? Not to worry, this pattern also works wonderfully in yarn of any weight. I made a worsted weight version for my niece. She LOVES her big ole piece of pizza!

You can purchase this pattern from my Ravelry or Etsy stores. Come on, you know you want to make tons of pizza slices for everyone you know! They will be forever thankful.

More junk food to come...

Friday, January 16, 2015


Hey kids, it's been a spell...

I'm here to say Happy New Year to you all with a new pattern!

Wanna crochet an avocado? Well, now you can! Just pick up my latest pattern from Ravelry or Etsy and you can crochet avocados to heart's content. Make 'em into brooches, magnets, Christmas tree ornaments! Hang them from the walls of your kitchen, applique them onto tote bags, crochet them together into a nifty hostess apron! The sky's the limit with regard to crocheted avocado uses! 

I actually made one of these into a brooch. It's definitely a conversation piece!

So, go ahead and get your hooks moving on some California green goodness. Oh, and the pit is 3D! If that's not a selling point, I don't know what is.