Sunday, February 26, 2006

Tomatoes From The Edge

Oh yeah, the tomato images and stories are rolling in! The one up above was created by Tampa Doll from the 'Ville. He's hot, don't ya think? If I were a Mato, I'd wanna squish up against him. Ahem, this is supposed to be G-rated. Sorry!

Go here to take a look at the gallery so far. I still have to post the individual tales, but I think it's coming along quite well.

You guys are making some wonderful Matoes!

Please remember to email me with your tomato image and story if you'd like to be immortalized in the Monster Crochet Tomato Gallery!


Kat said...

Hi LL,

I don't have any tomatoes to share, but I wanted to let you know I linked over to your jellyfish post a couple days ago. It segued nicely with mt entry...hope you don't mind.

Check me out sometime. Love your blog!

Smiles, Aurora

Unknown said...

those are awesome! i've gotta get started on some!

Kimberly said...

I am loving the tomatoes that folks are coming up with.....and the stories that I've read in blogland so far are great!! Now that the Olympics are over and I managed to finish both of my entries, I am set to begin on my tomato making odyssey!

MomThatsNuts said... ya doing girl?? Been a rough patch for me, but you know, life goes on!!!
Hey do you have a crochet pattern for a purse? I want to make myself one, and UNLIKE YOU I am not clever enough to just DO IT and make it up as I go...any of your suggestions would be most welcome!! I will even pay you for a pattern, or buy you a drink next time Im out your way~~
Thanks hun, looks like your just crochetting away!!!! Its 24 tonight and I have a test tomorrow. Maybe I shoulda crocheted a SKULL for practice AND relaxation!! LOL


Rebecca said...

oh my, you are twisting the world around you :D

hopefully i'll get my mato done today

stuffed said...

Lovely pix. I must get cracking. I want to be in that club!

FinnyKnits said...

Ok, I feel it is my duty to try my hand at one of these matomen. Perhaps a ScareMato that can stand guard over my precious Better Boys as they sprout this season. If I manage to make it through the pattern, I will send over a photo.

Such a cool project :)

SylvChezPlum said...

Love the gallery ! And I'm halfway done with the second one, for my nephew's Bday tomorrow..!

happy panda said...

hello. just wanted to say that i really enjoy your blog and your produce-of-doom. thanks for putting it out there. i'm inspired!

jen walker, pullman, WA