Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Introducing 4 Torpedoes!

Yes, cube farm cohort, good friend and all 'round creative colleague, Jenna, and I have begun a new little business venture...4 Torpedoes!

What is 4 Torpedoes you inquire?

4 Torpedoes is fantastic fluff, handsomely hand-painted. It is yarn that has been soaking up celebratory color in a simmering kettle. It is painterly string awaiting your vision to determine its purpose! 4 Torpedoes is your place to peruse and purchase a plethora of fantabulous fibers (we hope)!

Sock knitters FYI...we will be loading up the store with lots of sock yarn this week!

Oh, and as if this stunning announcement was not enough, "the girls" also have their own blog.

Got to love the interwebs!

P.S. I will be adding a few new patterns to my sidebar on this here bloggidy blog blog and my woefully neglected website soon...just in time for Halloween!!


Deneen said...

Of course, I bought something. I love the "Glow in the Dark" yarn (didn't buy it, can't use it, but cool concept)

bri said...

it's about time! congrats!

(just finished moving in - call you next week...)

Anonymous said...


Lynne E. said...

Nice shop. I considered buying "Ooh, it glows", but don't have any black light source. Having followed your blog for a while, I'm sure that there will be other extremely weird and interesting things to come!

When I added your shop to my seller favorites, it listed without a shop ID photo on the left (just a gray box). I don't know how you go about adding a shop ID photo, but I think it's easy . . . .

woolanthropy said...

Congratulations on the new venture. The colors are delicious and are sure to be eaten up!

Fiber Deviant said...

oh! congrats, congrats and congrats!

i wish you well on your new fibery adventure!

on my way to check out your new shop!