Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Seams Difficult

LittleLinoleum benefited from my new found seamstress abilities (yeah, right) this weekend. I fashioned a pair of PJ pants for her in a festive cupcake print.

Lena was so cute, putting them on immediately upon completion. Thankfully, she didn't see all of my mistakes!

I'm telling you all, sewing continues to be a vast frontier for me. Pattern directions that are seemingly simple upon first inspection always prove to be just a wee bit above my head when the project is underway. Peeps, I struggle with even the most simple of sewing processes (i.e., buttonholes are never in a straight line, turning corners inside out gives me a run for my money and let's not even talk about sewing evenly around zippers). My fellow tailors and seamstresses, will this ever change or am I destined for perpetual sewing reform school?

I sure hope I can overcome my sewing issues because I recently invested in one of these...


Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Hi Lady Linoleum,

Like most things it is a matter of practice. You have a good start and a eye. In a year you'll have forgotten about most of the stuff you've been worrying over now and it will be old hat and you will be laughing at how simple it all is now.

Just keep on having fun even with the mistakes. I've been sewing for over forty years now and I still make them.

Sincerely, Lady Euphoria

Ellen Bloom said...

So far, it looks like you're doing just fine. My best piece of advice....SLOW DOWN. The sewing machine has a mind of it's own and can run away from you if you're going too quickly!

Caroline B said...

Looks like you are doing just fine - and wow, that's a fab sewing machine, must just about do it all for you!

Deneen said...

Your "investing" makes me so jealous all the time!

Michelle said...

Yes indeed, just like anything else, practice makes better. Never perfect but...

FinnyKnits said...

OH HELL YES! You and that machine are going to be long time lovahs.

I love that you're getting into sewing. Much like your other fiber arts, I'm sure you'll be a master at this, too.

Just takes time. I don't know HOW much time, because I, too, am not perfect at this craft yet, but I bet in *time* we will all be able to sew straight zipper seams.

Nice pants :)

Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

I agree with trying to slow down. I found when I try to zip through a project, I have problems. When I turn down the speed to medium, it goes much easier.

The jammies look great! I love when the kids try stuff on right away. I thought pants would be soooo hard, but I find that they are pretty easy. My guys don't care if their button holes are a bit off cuz they think Mom is a bit off anyways :)

Vicky~ stichr ~ said...

The pj's are kkkk-ute. As for the machine...once you start using the embroidery features, I think a whole new side of you will be revealed!

Sally said...

I really can't wait to see what kind of seamstressy embriodered goodness comes from your unique brand of fiber artistry!!!

I've been sewing my whole life too. I was a bridal seamstress in another life (bridezillas are mean, stay away from them whenever possible). I learned 2 very important things...

1. You should control the machine, not the other way around. Give it an inch and it's already too late!!

2. You can hide a lot of imperfections in a seam allowance!! :-P

Have fun Lady Lino!!

Ps....nice pants you made LL Jr!

Shelley said...

Can I have some cool pants please???????? I'm sick with the flu and want to have my butt covered in sprinkles... wait that didn't come out right.

PS. Got the new Crochet Today, love the Dino and the bag. You are so creative I'm jelious.


wundermary said...

Slowing down is the best advice!

Learning to do turns on scrap is good, too. You will feel more confident and do a nicer job with your project if you've already figured out how you want to clip and manipulate the corner on a scrap.

Pick simple projects and break them down into steps. Concentrate on doing the step you are on correctly, don't think about anything else.

My mom always told me to walk away when I've made a mistake. I've found that she is right and if I don't, I tend to make another and another. So, if you make a mistake, walk away. Come back later and figure out what you need to do to fix it.

Don't use tiny stitches and the seam ripper is your friend.

Zippers can be a pain. Look into the "invisible" zippers and practice installing one on scrap. They're actually easier and look better, once you're comfortable with their installation.

I've been enjoying your blog! You've inspired me to do some crocheting this winter.

Thanks and good luck!

Gina said...

It can be very complicated. I had gotten patterns, and they are in a box, I don't use them - they can be scary. I sew on the fly. You have real courage!! Kudos, big kudos. I LOVE the PJ's, and cupcakes, those are so cute!!

Jimbo said...

Nice jammies! And that sewing machine!!? So what we'll have to do is get you going on Karol's treadle Singer up at the crick for some Rustic sewing.

Bytheway.. everyone note that Our Lady of the Linoleum has been nominated for the much coveted FLAMIE award by the Acadamy at the Crochet Liberation Front. Go check it out and VOTE!!