Thursday, April 14, 2005

Customized Crochet

Well, the Vegetable Liberation Army experiment has pushed me into a new way of working that I will dub Customized Crochet ("CC"), which consists of taking an already crocheted item (usually purchased for a low, low eBay auction price) and adding crocheted elements of my own design (i.e., big bloodshot eyeballs on found crocheted veggies).

My newest creation is made from a found crocheted chicken-thing-a-majigie (I've no idea what it is supposed to be - maybe a cover for Easter eggs). Upon first glance (on eBay) I knew that I must have it. I also intuitively knew that this chicken needed two things: chicken legs and big ole' eyeballs (um, er, that's four things). So, literally upon receipt, I started work on my poultry-themed masterpiece.

I fashioned the armatures for the feet out of pipe cleaners and crocheted a cover for each foot using a size 10 variegated pink to white crochet thread (the name of which is escaping me) in single crochet. After crocheting a foot I continued on with the rest of the leg extending it as long as a ball of thread lasted (about 4 1/2 feet). So far, so good.

Tall, skinny chicken needed more. This chicken was made to cover something (it looks like a miniature tea cozy). So, why not transform this yellow hen into a costume for a frozen chicken! It took me a couple of hours to create the "nekked" chick. I added small crocheted eyeballs to the head for the finishing touch and a new and well, not exactly improved, but definitely interesting chicken was born!

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~drew emborsky~ said...

What a great blog and I really, I mean REEEALLY like the dead chicken! LOL What a hoot!

Deneen said...

What a completely awesome blog!! You go girl, heep on hooking!!

Ro said...

ROFLMAO!!!!!!! That chicken is priceless, priceless, I tell you. If you don't belong in the hip hooks crochetring, I don't know who would LOL

Welcome aboard!