Tuesday, June 14, 2005


I LOVE MAIL! Though I do not love my postal worker, but I've ranted about that before. So, what did the wonderful workers at my local UPS Store (yes, I actually pay UPS to house my mail because my postal worker is cuckoo) bestow upon my mailbox recently? Let's take a look:

First and foremost, a ZOMBIE SHEEP! Yes, this fabulous AND useful creation (it's a tape measure too) was created 'specially for moi by Celeste. Notice the jaundiced greenish color and yes, this sheep has bloodshot eyeballs and his little zombie tongue is hanging out! Now, how awesome is this guy??? I currently carry this little dude in my crocheting bag of tricks that accompanies me EVERYWHERE. You know, for that crocheting-on-the-fly time that happens every so often (i.e., sitting in the doctor's office waiting, waiting, waiting or working on some creation that has taken over my system like a crackhead in need of a fix so that I must take short little bathroom breaks at the office bringing my hook and yarn with me - oh yeah, it's that bad).

Next up: a beautiful crocheted choker with raku heart handcrafted by none other than Elizabeth (one of my yarn-crack dealers, oh btw). Woooohoooo!

She also sent me a little belated birthday pressie too - more yarn (read: fix)! And what beautiful yarn it 'tis too. Gorgeous burgundy chenille with gold sparkles. Awesome!

There's more: Ned and his little friend Lump handcrafted by Renee! These two little guys are wonderful and have joined the rest of my sewn, crocheted, stuffed crowd which currently inhabits the settle bench in my hallway. They seem quite at home with their new sock monkey, uglydoll, puppet buddies.

I have also purchased mass quantities (I cannot emphasize this enough) of yarn on the internets (a term I've co-opted from Crazy Aunt Purl). So much so that the guys at my local UPS store believe I need to be in a 12-step yarn addiction program. They just don't understand that us creative-types NEED stash! I just hate it when I have an idea and I am prevented from starting said idea because I don't have any variegated red size 8 DMC perle cotton. So, it's not simply that I have a yarn purchasing problem. It's the simple fact that I need to have yarn around to keep making things to fill up my Rubbermaid bins. Really, it's Rubbermaid's fault. Not mine.

More News:
  • Escrow closed today on our visual horror of a condo. Yay! And scary because we have to fix the place now. Boooooo! Anyway, I will post pics of the horrific nightmare later after I have recovered from the fact that we bought a really 'spensive fixer-upper. Real estate in Southern California is ridiculous, truly.
  • Also, I am posting the Humpty Dumpty's for sale on my website tonight. If you want one check the Aquire section.
  • I have some new creations to post in the next couple of days so look for those all of you Hillbilly Knitters you!

Fun, fun, fun!


Anonymous said...

Renee's creation reminds me of the Quiznos hamsters for some reason....(but better looking of course!) Congrats on your gifts! I'm dying to run my fingers through that chenille!!!!

sara said...

I don't know what is funnier, the fact that the sheep is a zombie, or the fact that it has a tape measure coming out of its a**.

I cannot *wait* to see what is up for us "Hillbilly Kniters". Do you hear Banjos, Bob? I hear banjos....

LadyLinoleum said...

OMG Sara, I have a banjo! I suck but I can play "She'll Be Coming 'Round The Mountain"! Hillbilly Knitters UNITE!

Anonymous said...

All good things come from the mail or the Internets. I am so excited to see you on Saturday!!!! And Mom regina!!!

Unknown said...

Hubby and I both have banjos!
I am a total hillbilly, grew up in Arkansas even.
When going back "home " I always play a cd with "Dueling Banjos" on it to make Hubby nervous. (RE: "Deliverience")
The Quizno hamster was scarey.

Hillbilly Knitters UNITE!

Celeste said...

Nice photos! Yours are better than mine.

Hey - I think your zombie sheep got smushed in the mail! He needs to be fluffed a bit, I think. (not in a gross way - get your mind out of the gutter!)

ShelbyD said...

I love the zombie sheep!

Celeste said...

Hold on - you crochet in the bathroom at work?


Anonymous said...

Love the zombie sheep. Your house must be a wonderland of fabulous creatures!

LadyLinoleum said...

Celeste - there is a chair in the bathroom here and my boss is a boy so he cannot come in and see that I am crocheting instead of doin' my business...LOL

Anonymous said...

Hillbilly Knitters unite! I also play the banjo!!! Regina! It is such a small world! I consider myself more of an old-timey, folky knitter (read crocheter). The only hills I live near are the Hollywood or Beverly Hills!!!!

See you tonight at the WeHo SnB!

LadyLinoleum said...

Yep, I will be at SNB tonight. God, I need some wine and yarn like you wouldn't believe! Ellen, maybe you could tutor me on the banjo so that I go beyond majorly sucking at it to minorly sucking at it! What'd ya say girlfriend????

Contemporary Southwestern Artist said...

I don't htink you have a yarn stash problem at all, unless you are running out of space, but you just bought a condo so hopefully you'll have more space.

I am the same way with art suppliers. If I am almost out of blank canvas I cannot paint till I restock. I can have the best idea in the world, bit if I only have 1 canvas left I can't paint it.

And sketchbooks, when they get down to the last 1/4 inch of blank pages, I have to get a new one. I have dozens of sketchbooks and all of them have blank pages at the back. This goes all the way back to my freashman year as a art student in college.

MomThatsNuts said...

The only mail I ever get is from Chase Manhattan and they want ME to send THEM stuff..they dont even ask nice!!!!!

Mom..... :)

Rebecca said...

yee haw! what fabulous giftees! celeste posted a pic of the zombie on C'ville a few days ago - too funny! elizabeth is one talented hooker, isn't she!?!