Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Twice Tagged

I have been tagged not once, but twice! First tagged by Bronwen. Sorry it took me so long to respond!

Anyway, here's the first meme:

List 5 weird things about yourself or your pets (I will be sharing my weird pet tales for I share my own weirdness each and every day on this here bloggy).

  1. My African Senegal parrot, affectionately named Drumstick, loves to steal my aluminum crochet hooks. I believe she likes the shiny aspect of said hooks. Anyway, when she finds one, instead of flying away with it thereby effectively thwarting my efforts to extricate it from her beak, she runs away. I always catch her mid-sprint. Not brilliant, but very entertaining.

  2. My cat will not eat any food that smells or tastes of fish. How weird is that?

  3. I've given my pets some interesting names: Drumstick (shown above), Hot Wings (budgie/parakeet), Shellshock (budgie/parakeet), Lox (rosy bourke/Australian grasskeet) and of course the infamous, Poo Poo Kitty (who my husband has determined is my fuzzy alter ego).

  4. Poo Poo Kitty arranges all the stuffed animals on my daughter's bed so that they surround her like a faux fur barrier before retiring upon offspring's bed for the day.

  5. All of my birds (nine of them) sing the same song in unison at the same time every, single, day.

Next meme, five things feminism has done for me, is brought to me and therefore to you by my sister, Stephanie! Here goes...

  1. Having been exposed to the feminist art movement as an undergraduate student pursuing a degree in art, I learned to enjoy and embrace my particularly feminine way of working and making art which both acknowledges and pays homage to the historical precedence of "women's work".

  2. Feminism has taught me to be visible in the world. My voice, my opinion and my viewpoint are important not only in the workplace but in the world at large. I am woman, hear me roar type o' thing.

  3. Don't get me wrong I love men (hi guys!), but when it comes to developing enriching and lasting friendships, women tend to be my first choice. My relationships with my gaggle of girlfriends are some of the most important relationships I've ever had aside from family that 'tis.

  4. Through feminism I have discovered so many talented female writers, artists, journalists, historians, politicians, etc., that may have remained anonymous to me otherwise.

  5. Finally, feminism has taught me to be proud of who I am regardless of how I'm packaged.

I always feel bad about tagging peeps, but here's what I'm gonna do...I'll leave the first meme open to those who feel like sharing their weirdness (or their pet's weirdness) with the world. For the ode to feminism fandango I'd love to hear from Bri, Heather, Faith, Miss Kendra, TK, Uccellina! Give it a go gals! Or not. I'll still luv ya anyway...


Jerry & Maxy said...

You have some cool pets.

And you are one strong woman.

lisa solomon said...

yay for pets!!!!! [poo poo kitty sounds great - well they all do...]

and feminism... we need young women to "re-discover" it!!

Carol said...

LOL-You do have some funny pets! Pretty cool though, so are you!

Anonymous said...

thats fabulous! especially #2.1

i love the idea of reclaiming and repackaging women's work.

love the work you do by the way!

Susan Schwake said...

very very cool names for your pet -- drum stick would have to be my favorite name and wow, that singing in unison is pretty darn amazing.. so nice to have you back here...

Pinkwool said...

Oh that is awesome that the birds sing the same song in unison at the same time everyday!! Do they sing a particular song?

Anonymous said...

Pets are always great for weird things! I have a bird that really loves to try 'pick' everyones nose *yuk*

natasha said...

interestingly, my one cat's name is peepee. shortened to peeps. or peepster. or just pee. and our boy cat has a stuffed slipper sock that is his best friend, he sleeps with it, etc.

i posted the 5 things...feminism has done for me and then didn't actually do it yet. i am a bad blogger. i love your comment about "women's work" that was something that i especially loved from kiki smith. it is hard to not feel obligated as a female artist to not be too feminine, to not have that kind of subject matter, and it is a mistake. unless, that isn't who you are.

your trip looks awesome. can i go in your suitcase next time?

Heather Cox said...

Thanks! Liked your answers. My meme is up at my blog. :)

Anonymous said...

You have nine birds?! I thought you were cool before, but now I think you are a goddess. I have but one small cockatiel, but he too enjoys playing with crochet hooks. Particularly the one I happen to be using at the time, as opposed to the five scattered on the floor freely available for parrot play.