Monday, February 12, 2007

Adventures On The Midway

It seems as though I am at midway point of, well, literally everything:
  • Art girls collaborative (we haven't come up with a catchy name for our creative coven yet) project (we are tackling board games...this is not a project for the creatively-challenged, let me tell you);
  • Three design projects/assignments for three different publishers all due on relatively the same date (can you say insane?);
  • Current reading material atop my bedside table;
  • The month of February;
  • The winter season; and, well,
  • The time line of my existence (I know, Drama Queen, what-ever)...

Now, I cannot really say that I am feeling completely and totally bored by the mid-ness of it all, but nonetheless the lack of new-ness which is absent from my presently languid life is really giving me a hard-core case of The Blahs. And yes, my plight is very bourgeois. Didn't I already say whatever?

Anyhow, what does a Linoleum do when combating a bad case of The Blahs (aside from complaining about it that is)?
  • Wallow while I work (otherwise known as complaining with feeling). This is something akin to the Seven Dwarfs' "Whistle While You Work" tune, only my version substitutes whistling with moaning.
  • Crochet and knit at lightening speed. You see, I have a rule: do not begin new project when there are three WIPs in play already. So, my new project pangs need to just be quiet until the time is right.
  • Make like Evelyn Wood and get through the book(s) on my nightstand.
  • Watch DVDs. Truly, inserting a disc imprinted with one of my favorite flicks or television episodes into the good ole media player lightens my mood and thereby effectively prevents more choruses of the first bullet point in this list.
  • Tear off the pages from my various box calendars (I have four of these). Makes me feel as if the passage of time has accelerated.
  • Contemplate the exciting events that I have planned for the coming year. Hopefully I won't miss any of these due to date discrepancies from, um, err, rampant calendar page destruction:
  • Contemplate projects for the coming year:
    • Burlesque accessories (Kendra are you reading this? Everyone else, don't ask);
    • Items emblazoned with flames appeasing the biker within;
    • Items inspired by Girl Scouts (better not to ask about this one either);
    • Getting in touch with my youth by creating some 80's inspired gear (could be scary);
    • Honoring Halloween with a smattering of goods created throughout the year (Do you miss the Monster in Monster Crochet? Me too.); and
    • More wearable deli products.
  • Find a 12-step program for flagrant bullet point usage.

Ahhhh, I feel little bit better now. I'm interested to hear what you all do to combat The Blahs. Do tell...


Unknown said...

omg You DID NOT say 80's inspired gear?
I have been on an 80's kick lately lol Can't wait to see what you come up with.
As for the "midsey" blues... Make "I only have to finish one to get something new" your mantra.

LadyLinoleum said...

Kari, you know, I got to get in touch with my roots, be they blue, spikey and shoulder-padded. LOL Good mantra!

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Oh, god. Burlesque wear - GOOD. 80's wear - BAD. Girl Scout wear - that depends, is it for you or for your progeny? And I have got to hear you moan the whistle while you work tune. I can't even imagine.

As for mid-project blues, I don't have deadlines (for the most part). Which is why I have WIPs and UFOs dating back years. :) I just start something new... OCD, anyone?

LadyLinoleum said...

Monkeygurrrrrl - D, you're a dud. What's wrong with the 80's? Neon and spandex never looked hotter...Oh and big sweeping coifs. Good stuff I tell you!

LadyLinoleum said...

Sharon - I've got the wine part covered. I really should start running/walking/something. I know that it would improve my mood.

Ellen Bloom said...

I was just sayin' to Mr. Larry this morning that I was my most "Alexis Harrington/Joan Collins gorgeous during the 80's! Bring back shoulder pads...they made EVERYONE look, included!

Here's what I do when I'm feeling low: I delve into my stash/collection of yarn for something gorgeous and just start crocheting a swatch. While I'm swatchin', projects come into my mind. I may not actually make the project, but it lifts my mood!

dizzy von damn! said...


i will remind my partner in crime we need to provide measurements.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, the middleness, the midway... i know just how you feel.
see you, and good luck, g

Contemporary Southwestern Artist said...

oh Man, I'm jealous! I wish I could be an offical "art girl". Sounds like an exciting group!

I'm going to go crochet to try and quell my guilt over not painting.

Feral Housewife X said...

when i get the blahs, i usually just work on something that doesn't require a lot of creativity (like granny squares or other motifs). these can be used in creative ways once my mojo is back.

if that doesn't work, i just take a break. I listen to music, I read books, and i shop Etsy & Ebay.

I try not to "beat myself up" when I don't feel very creative!

(i also have at least 5 WIPS at any given moment)

FinnyKnits said...

Personally, I have an enormous soft spot (that sounds gross) for the 80's. Cyndi Lauper inspired gear would be so lovely - she's a fave.

As far as the midsey blues go - I trim the fat. If there's anything I'm in the middle of that has started sucking (Hello "100 Years of Solitude", I'm sorry but you're candidate #1 for this treatment) I kick it to the curb and cut my losses so I can get on to better things.

Beyond that, I'm with Sharon G. - wine, wine, RUN.

Bring on the deli outfits by the way - that's just a funny idea altogether.

Carol said...

Seems like your muse is on vacation. You have a minor in the house, so I won't mention how I combat the blahs;) Chin up Lady L, just conjure up your inner Monster!

Carol said...

I ate way too many candy hearts this year. But a few more won't hurt. Hope your mojo is lurking about;)