Tuesday, March 06, 2007


I generally receive lots of questions in my comments section and I just do not have enough free cube hours to address everyone's informational needs. My boss expects me to work when I'm cube-sitting. Doesn't he know I have a personal life to attend to??? Jeesh.

Let's do a little Q&A, shall we?

Heather asks, "How do you crochet such odd shapes (such as the bacon and the flames on the bowling bag)? It's such a beginner thing to ask and I'm sure I must have known at some point but don't remember now. Anyway if you have a book or site to recommend that would be awesome. Thanks."

Heather, beginner questions are no less important than their advanced counterparts. So, let me try to take a stab a coherent explanation.

Usually, I tackle odd shapes with a series of increases and decreases combined with short rows regardless of whether I'm working flat or in three-dimensions. Now, when working flat as with the bacon or the flames, before I crochet anything I create a chart (a color graph that resembles the finished object) for each motif. I used to create my charts by hand with graph paper and pencil, but now I, generally speaking, use MS Excel on my computer. In some cases, I incorporate both ways of working to execute a project.

Visually, a chart allows me to determine where I need to place my edge increases, decreases and also when I should work a short row (if I plan on decreasing or more than one stitch on an edge). My chart is my project guide, so to speak, and charting has become an integral part of my process.

Charting resources:
Knitting graph paper
More printable knitting graph paper
Knitpro (for those who need instant chart gratification)

Micky entreats, "Are we having an obsession with poultry lately?"

Micky, I've suffered a long history of chicken-luvvv. Really, I don't know what it's about. I'm sure there is some Freudian explanation for it, but I'm probably better off not knowing the details.

Molly asks, "What will you come up with next?"

*rubs hands together while sporting a sly grin* Oh, you know Molly....stuff. Hehehe. I can tell you, however, that deli meats and cheeses are involved. Oh, and a few insects (which are finished and awaiting publication). Also, I've finally figured out the direction of my book proposal. Getting it published? Well, that's another ball of wax.

Jeez, I almost forgot! I will soon begin a beer can collection, which will be the basis of my crocheted aluminum opus. You know, crochet combined with beer cans is such an underrated art form. I aim to change that perception.

Soren solicits, "Are you going to publish the bird pattern somewhere?"

I wish I could, but the birds themselves where part of a larger pattern conglomeration that Interweave contracted me to design. However, the publisher has yet to use the bird portion of the pattern in their publication. I am trying to figure out a work around. Stay tuned.

In My Precious, Heather inquires, "Can Hobbit feet be far behind??"

Heather, this is sheer brilliance. I've done King Kong feet. How hard could hobbit feet be? I mean, they are practically the same size as the King's feeties.

Desperate Housewife asks, "How do you think this stuff up?!"

Would you believe that this stuff just comes to me? It does. Really. And not while I'm asleep. Good God, that would be scary if I dreamt of veggies wielding weapons and olive loaf slices adorning my shoulders when I'm supposed be catching some zzzzz's. Nope, I prefer to receive my crocheted and knitted messages while wide awake. Where I can process through my fiber-filled psychosis. With liquor.

Any more questions for me? Leave 'em in my comments section and I will attempt to answer said Q's right snappy.


Madge said...

Words cannot express how happy I am to hear of your upcoming aluminum opus.

Three words: Pabst Blue Ribbon.

LadyLinoleum said...

Madge, I was thinking Bud, but I like your Pabst idea much better. You're brilliant!

Ellen Bloom said...

Regina! I forgot all about knitpro!!! Thanks for reminding me. Brilliant....just like you!!!!

I'm thinking...a sweater of Mr. Larry next to Jollibee!!!

Marietta said...

i think dreaming of veggie's wielding weapons is perfectly normal :) then again i want to crochet the entire tomato family that you have created, for my mom, who has a serious tomato addiction (and has had her toy stuffed tomatoes kidnapped for brussel sprouts as ransom....i have a strange family) How do you feel about lawn flamingos?

Melissa Perreault said...

I just love watching you live your dreams through yarn!! You are my idol!! (and I'm a knitter so you should be proud!)