Friday, April 27, 2007

The Road to Manchester and Beyond

I'm so excited! I'm now officially registered (as is my mom) for the CGOA conference to be held in Manchester, NH this July. I even through my um, crocheted meat products (oh yeah), into the ring for the fashion show. I am really looking forward to this!

Anyone else going to the Knit and Crochet Show? You show me your class pics and I'll show you mine...

In addition to my upcoming East Coast excursion, I will be traveling Southward to Australia and New Zealand (I freaking love NZ) in September. So far all I know is that a will deplane in Sydney and again in Auckland. Haven't scheduled anything else yet. Any ideas are welcome.

Ahhhh, I love travel!

Scratch that. I love non-work related travel!

Next year the hubs and I are planning a trip to Mongolia. Yes, Mongolia! I need to be able to say that I've actually slept in a yurt...

Happy weekend everyone!


Susan Schwake said...

i am so there. i don't know how to crochet. i am a very poor knitter. i just wanna meet the fabulous LL.
manchland. never .... had it so good.
oh my oh my. i don't even know what letters stand for! couldn't find it on the website!
ak! who cares? parrrrrty!
p.s. no one ever comes to nh. ....

mimi k said...

Hey, that's just about an hour from my house- if you want to meet up :-)

Maggie The LadyHawk said...

Mongolia, New Zealand, I LOVE living vicariously through you! Thanks again for sharing.

Bex said...

Sydney-sider right here! There are heaps of SnB on, and some nice yarn stores around the city - check ou Tapestry Craft in Sydney, and Rubi and Lanas in Gordon.... :)

crabbycrocheter said...

oh yey!! i'll be there too w/my local cgoa chapter, the fishnet hookers.
so if you see hookers w/ fishnet on their badges, you'll know it's us.