Thursday, July 05, 2007

We Make Big Fire

Thank you all for your thoughts, advice and collective wisdom regarding my last post. I read each and every comment more than once, to be sure. Basically, I have yet to decide the direction of my infant design endeavor, but I can assure you all that your responses to my self-imposed dilemma have really pushed me to reevaluate my motivations and goals. I just have to get through this period so that I can think clearly on the situation as a whole.

On a lighter note, I actually ventured outside the confines of ChezLinoleum a couple of times in past week for non-cube farm related activities AND I even left my project bag at home while attending the first of two festivities, giving my aching hands a much needed rest. I also knew that I would be imbibing at the first fete and I try to refrain from CUI (Crocheting Under the Influence) or KUI because well, I almost always have a mess to clean up afterwards. You know what I mean?

Festivity Numero Uno: Sound of Music Sing Along!

Those of you who've been reading my ramblings for a while know that I try to hit this bi-yearly event at one of my all-time favorite Los Angeles venues each and every time it occurs. This year was no exception.

I sat amongst 19 of my closest family and friends as we shared copious amounts of food, drink and Julie-induced revelry at this sold-out event.

There is just nothing like wetting one's whistle with a bit of wine and then busting out one's best yodels for the 16,000 person chorus of "The Lonely Goatherd".

Really though, this is a great event. If you've never been to the Bowl, this is a wonderful way to initiate yourselves into our Hollywood Hills landmark. If you're a Bowl vet, this event is one you're sure to love.

Festivity Numero Dos: Fireworks on the Fourth!

For past decade of Fourths, my family has been celebrating this annual summer fete with my art school cronies.

Remember the couple that I joined in holy matrimony last year? Yep, they play hosts with the mosts who, oh by the way, happen to live in a municipality where it is legal play with pyrotechnics and play we do.

Oh don't you worry. We try to keep the kids away from the butane torches and we always have boatloads of adults patrolling the street while toting large receptacles of H2O just in case.

The wee folk love it though...

As do the teen folk...

The offspring needled my mother into purchasing for her the father of all fire....Mighty Max. Max made big fire. No disappointment there.

I was able to enjoy both the fireworks and preceding barbecue in spite of the fact that I was crocheting the entire evening. I even contributed to the light show in my own special way! Hey, just looking at the bright side (pun intended).

Hope you all had a spectacular holiday too!

Next week I'll be posting from Boston and Manchester. I am sooo looking forward to that!


Micky said...

Love your lighted contribution!
I was wondering how you were crocheting in the dark.
But then again, I guess you could crochet in your sleep.
Hey, that could be an answer to your dilemna. Crochet and create while you sleep. Then when you woke up, all your things would be finished.
Just a thought.

Sus said...

Ahh! Thank you! I'm so sick to death of explaining/justifying to people the use of butane torches at fireworks shoots! I'm glad someone else out there understands! :) I'm glad you had a happy Fourth!

Mel said...

Seeing The Sound of Music in such a large venue and with full intent to belt a tune - now there's a hooting good time!

Anonymous said...

Glad you were able to go out and leave your work behind. Looks like it was a lot of fun!

Batty said...

Glad you had some fun! I'm confused about crocheting in the dark, though. I can see how light-up knitting needles show you where the stitches are, but with crocheting... how can you see the row you're stitching into?

Or maybe I'm just not good enough at this crochet thing to see it.

Carol said...

You sure know how to celebrate! Glad it was fun, keep on designing. You can always have someone else clean the house & eat take out.

Jennifer said...

Ooo, nice fireworks! Mighty Max looks like the "pirates booty" they were selling at Target. I wanted to buy it just for the name!
I just received "Kooky Crochet," from Amazon, and when my husband saw the mixed grill placemats he said I should make one "really big" and it could be a blanket. Somehow, my husband thinks this might be easy for me to do :). He also wants a life size knitted octopus. By life size he means his size, of course! :)

Gina said...

Wow looks like so much fun!

Desperate Housewife said...

I have the answer to your dilema.. teach the hubby and kidlet to crochet and put THEM to work!

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Wee Linoleum is such a charmer. If g-ma hadn't bought that for her, I'm sure you or hubs would have.