Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year Chrysanthemums

After finishing my December magazine projects I felt the need to work up a few quick items before beginning anything long and drawn out. Therefore, I give you the New Year Chrysanthemum(s)!

These versatile fuzzy flowers can be used as pins, as adornments for your favorite hats or even as an ornament on a chocker!

You'll definitely turn heads with the big ole flower strapped to your neck!

So, why don't you make one? Or two? The free pattern is below. Happy New Year everyone!

Chrysanthemum Pattern

  • Any worsted weight yarn will give you a nice size fleur. I used some of my own hand dyed stash. Go Kool-Aid!
  • US G hook
  • Tapestry needle
  • Pinbacks (optional)

ch - chain stitch
dc - double crochet
PM - place marker
r - row
rnd - round
sc - single crochet
sl st - slip stitch
st/sts - stitch/stitches


Rnd 1 - ch 2, 8 sc in second ch from hook. PM in first sc. Marker will move up as each rnd is completed to denote beginning of rnd.
Rnd 2 - working in back loops only 2 sc in every st.
Rnd 3 - working in back loops only (1 sc, 2 sc in next st) 8 times.
Rnd 3 - working in back loops only (2 sc, 2 sc in next st) 8 times, sl st to back loop of beg sc, fasten off.

Florets are worked in one continuous spiral in the available front loops on base. Beginning at the center of the base attach in the first front loop available.
Rnd 1 - (1 sc, ch 9, 1 sl st in second ch from hook, 7 sl st in remaining chains) repeat in each subsequent front loop on base. Fasten off.

Chrysanthemum Finishing
Weave in any remaining ends. If desired, sew pinback to back of flower.

Foundation chain - ch 43.
R 1 - 1 sc in second ch from hook, 41 sc in remaining chains, turn.
R 2 - ch 1, 42 sc, turn.
Rnd 3 - ch 1, 42 sc, ch 1, rotate work right, make 2 dc in the middle (same space) of short side, ch 51, 1 sl st in second ch from hook, 49 sl st in remaining chains, 2 dc in same space as first 2 dc, ch 1, rotate work right and work 42 sc along foundation ch, ch 1, make 2 dc in the middle (same space) of short side, ch 51, 1 sl st in second ch from hook, 49 sl st in remaining chains, 2 dc in same space as first 2 dc, ch 1, sl st to first sc to join rnd. Fasten off.

Chocker Finishing
Weave in any remaining ends. Sew Chrysanthemum to chocker.

Copyright 2008 Regina Rioux Gonzalez. All rights reserved.


Nano said...

Thanks so much for the pattern. My niece will love one of those chokers. Wishing you a happy, healthy, prosperous coming year!

Carol said...

These are great! Thank you for the pattern. I bought crochet Today just because I spied your patterns in it! Congrats on your continues success and a very happy new year to you and yours!

Batty said...

They are amazing! I want to make some to attach to felted bags, a hat, a scarf that looks like my head is about to get eaten by aliens...

Thank you, and Happy New Year!

naomi said...

Thanks for the pattern !

Happy New Year to you and yours !

Anonymous said...

You are amazing! what is your IQ-10000???? you come up with these things on the fly-and I can barely follow a pattern! Thanks again for sharing with the rest of us.

Susan Schwake said...

how fabulously floral of you.
maybe i really should learn to crochet now. i really love these!
happiest of the new year to you my dear!

Madge said...

Happy 2008, Lady Linoleum! Hope it contains lots of crafty fun for you!

Feral Housewife X said...


Looks like you are off and running with great projects already!!!


Dragonflymom said...

Those are really cute

The Bookworm said...

great pattern, thank you!
Happy New Year :)

Kristen said...

I was so psyched to see the write up on you in the Nov/Dec issue of Crochet Today. You create so many wonderful things and I think you just rock in general!

Caroline B said...

Great pattern, can't wait to try it out - thanks!

Anonymous said...

Really cute! My daughter is going to make a few for herself and friends.

Cheers and beers to you for 2008.


noricum said...


Anonymous said...

Very cute, I just made this today. I love it! :)

Mama Niccicoco said...

super cool, I may have to try this!

Anonymous said...

Those flowers looks fun to make. I'm going to try to make them because I adore flowers.

Thank you for the pattern!

Anonymous said...

This a super pattern that is hard to go wrong with! My first flower is awesome. I only wish I had the time to make it with different types of yarn different colors etc. Highly recommended.

Unknown said...

merci beaucoup!!!!
thanks for this tutorial and happy new year