Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Aliens and Squids

I made two of these aliens (one of which I am listing on ebay). They are really big rag dolls that I designed and crocheted. I tend to work either really big or really diminutive. I also keep really detailed pattern directions so that I can reproduce any object when desired. I usually use single crochet as my "workhorse" stitch. I use sc mostly because it is easy to "sculpt" with this stitch. The only time I heavily use double crochet is in my filet work (of which I have tons). Reminder to self - Post filet pieces to this blog!

Anyhow, I am back to working small (after a whole year of making monstrously huge pieces - like a 25' giant squid, all crocheted), using mostly crochet and doing some sewing too. Oh, and making a few books, some trading cards and paper dolls. I like to keep busy!

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