Wednesday, September 12, 2007


A few packages have graced my doorstep as of late. The first little bundle of joy came to me all the way from France from fellow designer, Sylv!

Yes, those would be gorgeous buttons and a sweet little snack! The buttons were actually half of a prize for winning a contest on Sylv's blog. Wish I could say I did something special to win this awesome acquisition, but it just happened to be luck and luck alone. The other half of the prize is this pattern. Neener, neener, neeeeee-ner! I'm going to make a Plumetis Car-di!


Thank you Sylv!!!

Next up, it's a fabulous Art Esprit original!

Susan actually presented this wonderful painting to me while I was visiting her in NH this summer. Fortunately, she didn't mind mailing it to me as I was deathly afraid of squishing it into my suitcase. Needless to say I was so happy to pick this package up from my mailbox the other day that I literally did a happy dance inside the UPS Store. Not a pretty site, let me tell you.

At any rate, I love this piece! In fact, this morning I was padding around my home in the wee hours, coffee in one hand, hammer in the other, contemplating the perfect placement for this work.

Thank you Susan!

Now, for a little commissioned gifty action...

I asked my brilliant buddy Noreen to make me a couple of her excellent spool knitters...Here's what she's come up with. The best part? I didn't even ask her to do this! She just intuited the fact that I needed more skullies in my life!

Oh, and she made me a skull crochet hook too.


Thanks so much Noreen!

Gifties rock!


Sylv said...

Great, I'm glad the package made it safely to you !

naomi said...

Wow ! You got some really cool stuff. I love the painting. And I may just have to get that sweater pattern. Noreen really did a great job too !

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

LOVE that painting. And the cardi. And the skullies.

Yay presents!!!

Carol said...

Nice! Neener ~snort~

Batty said...

Wow, I love the painting!

susan said...

ooooh so glad that it made it. i was thinking about you this weekend saying, wow, it was on wood, hope they didn't break it! lol. glad it is there
mwah mwah to all the linos.

nastassja mills said...

Beautiful painting--and thanks for the link to the fancy French site!