Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Loom Lust

Are you getting sick of my new weaving fetish yet? Don't worry, I have some knits and crochets that will be ready to share with you very soon.

Anyway, my big loom purchase arrived yesterday! Woo hoo!

No, I didn't buy a floor loom, although I would love one. However, I'd have to get rid of the hubby and kid to make room for the loom and collateral accouterments. And then there is the wall space issue. I just don't have an available inch of space in my condo to accommodate a warping board.


Some day I'll be able to be a floor loom weaver again. Until that time, I'm having fun with the small loom weaving experience.

Enter my new tri-loom!

Okay, this baby really cannot be considered a small loom measuring in at 6' across. However, one weaves on a tri-loom as one would on a small lap-type loom. If fact, weaving on a triangle loom is virtually the same as weaving on a diamond-type loom (go here and scoll to the middle of the page for pdf instructions) or a bias loom. These looms require the weaver to work warp and weft at the same time with one continuous yarn. It is a super cool process. Totally easy and the results are pretty darn stunning.

At any rate, my tri-loom will allow me to make a shawl in a day, or so they say. Not only will I be able to work quickly, but I can weave tartans as well! How awesome is that?

I'm so excited! Actually too excited...

Last night in my hurry to get my new loom assembled, I had a bit of an accident. I propped up the newly assembled large triangle on my ottoman against my chair in our living room, nails facing outward. Then I proceeded to sit in front of the tri-loom on the ottoman in an attempt to set up the loom stand. I must have moved around a bit too much or something because the loom had come down atop my head before I knew what was happening. Oh yeah, nails collided with skull. Needless to say I suffered a minor wound, which my sweet girl cleaned and swabbed with Neosporin for me.

I'm an idiot.

Anyway, after recounting my "when good looms go bad" tale to fellow lap loom weaving addict, Bri, this morning she countered with this very apropos response, "Well, the loom is now anointed with your blood and full of power." Actually, my boo boo is tingling so there's probably something to her statement. Or I have sepsis. Whatever. Bring on the yarn!


Miz K said...

Your new toys look fabulous - I keep sending the shopping links to my r but I'm not sure he's getting the point. The triangle one in particular looks really cool... blood or no blood. Can't wait to see what you create!

Anne said...

Tri-looms are so much fun. Mine was anointed with my blood as I was building it. Maybe that's some sort of right of passage one must do before we begin to weave on them for the first time?

naomi said...

I'm not sure, but it seems to me you and the loom are one, now that you've spill some blood on it :)

I'm anxiously awaiting your looming projects.

Bri said...

On second thought, now that it's been anointed with your brain-blood, you may very well open up some other-dimentional portal when ever you weave on it.

Something you might want to watch out for. Just saying.

Ah, life was so much simpler when all we cared about were dull hooks.

Red Rocket said...

Something tells me your on the slippery slope to a floor loom ownership. Wall space or no wall space.

Happy weaving! It's all very interesting from here.

SheCrochets said...

I have been having some Loom Lust, myself, ever since stumbling upon eloomination. My hubby says he will make me a little loom to experiment with; I can't wait! I'll just have to live through you until he gets a chance to build mine!

Bunny said...

I can't wait to see what make on this new loom. The diamonds looked fabulous. They Reminded me of patchwork pieces. I can envision a starburst shawl.

Andy's Crafts said...

You have been awaken by the Loom Fairy lol! I am glad you are fine, so what kind of wonders in yarn shall we experience through your expertise! I am looking forward to your creations! I agree with Naomi You and the Loom have a blood Oath!

Kristin said...

I love my tri-looms. I have a 2ft & a 7ft, both PVC, from Rakestraw, when they were still making them.

And I must be slow, because I could never make an entire shawl in a day. But I can do a 2ft triangle in 1.5-2hours, depending on the yarn I use.

Have fun with your new toy! I can't wait to be unpacked enough to be able to set up my 7ft again.

mihrimah said...

My father, who has been weaving for longer than I've been alive (which is a long time) found a few years ago that using the warping board hurt his back and shoulders too much, so he got a warping reel instead. The vertical style might fit very well in a condo. :)

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

hee-hee. I'm very happy for you, but even doubly so for me - apparently the pooter nazis are asleep and have let me view you posted pics!!! FINALLY!!!

Yer looms are puuuuuuuuuuuurrrty.

Vicky aka stichr said...

Ok, so the loom is cool.....but what the heck is that thing lying on the coffee table behind it??

Amanda said...

I'm not sure if you know who Isela( is, her husband makes beautiful looms. And they are affordable. I was a loomer/ weaver before I was a knitter/crocheter. I love looms! Oh and did you buy sock looms yet?

I went to Michale Levine for the first time last weekend. LOVED it. Thanks for talking about that place in a past post.

Marnie said...

Ooh, hope your noggin is feeling better.

That loom is so cool. I saw one at a fiber festival and was admiring it but hearing you talk about cranking out a shawl in a few hours makes it seem all the more appealing. I would be inclined to then crochet a border because I love crochet borders :D
Anyway, very cool.

FinnyKnits said...

You are blood sister with your loom! Craziness. But, question, couldn't you basically knit a shawl in a day before? I mean, you knit like the wind!

Either way - congrats. My sister has a loom she hasn't touched in years, so I'm looking forward to seeing what one does with a loom besides hang clothes on it.

susan said...

oh goodness. i love looms too miss! but i will have to wait a few years before i can get back into THAT too...
ah... can't wait to see what you are coming up with there though. very cool. you amaze!

christianne said...

tetnus shot? :)

Shawn said...

I'd say that that is a wonderful loom, too, but I would be bragging as I made it *grin*
Glad you're enjoying it, however, I wanted to point out that the URL you used is wrong *whimper*