Thursday, September 20, 2007


I have a new addiction. Okay, it's not really new to me as I became acquainted with the force behind this addiction while an undergraduate in college, thereby truly characterizing my current enslavement as a rediscovered compulsion. What is this new yet familiar obsession of which I speak?


Oh weaving, how I love thee! How is it that we have been separated from one another's company for so many years? Okay, yes, a floor loom is a substantial piece of furniture that (i) requires copious amounts of space and (ii) requires housing that is fairly stable (meaning moving on a yearly basis, a situation that characterized my late twenties, early thirties, is not conducive to owning a floor loom). Then there is the whole dressing the loom business for which I always required a helping hand and, oh by the way, lacked for quite some time. As a result the weaving regimen I cultivated during college fell by the wayside, and there it remained until very recently.

At any rate, a few weeks ago while enjoying my morning coffee in front of my 'puter at the Cube Farm, I received a call from former Cube Farm inmate and devoted friend (read all-things-crafty-pusher), Bri. During our phonealogue Bri began to extol the virtues of her new, yet oddly familiar to her as well, propensity toward making fabric of a woven nature. She began to rattle off online resources (start here) for lap loom weaving as well as all of her eBay loom targets. Being the historical and painfully deprived weaving addict that I am, I jumped right onto her bandwagon, hardly skipping a beat.

You mean, I can weave again? No floor loom required?

Sign. Me. Up!

Needless to say, thanks in part to my good buddy Bri and some extra cashola burning a hole in my pocketbook, the last two weeks have seen significant loom purchases in a variety of sizes and formats. First, I perused eBay for some vintage Weave-Its. I won both a 4" x 4" and a 2" x 2". Cool. Then I really started to get my loom on, expanding my purchase power with one of these and oh, one of these too. I am so not done. As is my way, I also made these acquisitions: a 7" one of these as well as a 12" version (what the heck!) and the ultimate in lap loomage...a 6' (yes, that's in feet, not inches) one of these.

Yes, Virginia, clearly LadyLinoleum has a problem. Really though, she's harmless. Only a danger to her wallet. Yes, I'm positive about that.


Oh and lest we forget, good ole LadyLinoleum had purchased a small Wishing Windows Loom from the lovely and talented Noreen Crone-Findley during her summer jaunt to New Hampshire.

Was this predecessor to the loom accumulation process a mere coincidence? I think not. Let's call it FATE...

Anyway, wanna see what I've been weaving?

C'mon, humor me.

Okay, well, I have only received one of my many, many looms thus far so I'm a bit limited by lack of lap loomage at the moment. Nonetheless, I am weaving on my 7" diamond.

First and foremost, isn't my new loom purty?

Now, check out the results...

It takes me about 45 minutes to make one diamond. At this rate I should have a stack o' diamonds in no time.

What am I going to make with these woolly girl's best friends? You're just going to have to wait and see. What I can reveal is the fact that we've entered a new era on this here bloggy. Oh yes, Monster Crochet is not merely a crochet and knit blog anymore. Nope. You'll definitely be seeing weaving here now too. Woo hoo!

I freaking love yarn!


naomi said...

Oooo, the diamonds are real purty, can't wait to see what they become.

stuffed said...

Sweet. Used to love it myself.

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! GET OUT OF MY BRAIN!!!! I fell in love with weaving at the fibre fest - some nice lady demonstrated it for me, and I was thinking, Oh, great. Another way to spend money I don't have on something I can't afford.

still. . ..

Annika said...

I love weaving! I taught myself when I was five, but haven't done it in years. Someday I will have enough space for my mom to send my table loom. Also someday I will have a table.

Ann Marie said...

Wow! The diamonds ARE indeed purty! I'm jealous. Now I'm going to have to try to make a loom myself. I haven't done weaving since high school. Well, if you can call it weaving. The "loom" was made out of a piece of cardboard with the sides cut at intervals. Ah, high school art, gotta love it.

Robin said...

Beautiful diamonds! Another "new" will you fit it all in?

Christina said...

Ooh, those diamonds are so pretty! Can't wait to see what you make with them.

Bellana (from Flickr and Craftster) said...

Goodness! Weaving on the lap, that's great. I'd love to try it, too ... some day, when I got some money left. The diamond shape is nice, too. Lots of ideas popping up in my head.

(((((HUGS))))) sandi said...

VERY COOL! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

Rina said...

I totally agree, that diamond loom is totally purty. Want one m'self! And certainly more practical for an apartment dweller than one of those things that take up a whole room.

loretta said...

Those are uber pretty! I've never tried weaving, well unless you count those loop loom potholder things I made with the kids. I'm definitely intrigued to see what these pretties turn into.