Saturday, July 23, 2005

The Doctor Is In

In our last episode we were left hanging off the proverbial cliff. Will Carnivorous Carrots and Roadkill Korn survive the brutal attack that foiled the Vegetable Liberation Army's smooth hideout move? And who is the mysterious doctor LadyLinoleum was last seen conversing with about the critically injured commandos? Will we learn who perpetrated this heinous act on our Veggie friends? Let's see...

Scene 2: Super-Secret Westbury Vegetable Clinic

LadyLinoleum: I removed the affected eyeballs immediately following the attack, but there was fiberfill everywhere! The scene was so gory! I did the best that I could. Do you think you can save them Doctor? Will they survive?

Dr. Manuel Mangoes: Don't worry your weak human mind too much LadyLinoleum. You didn't mess up the patients too much with your feeble surgical methods. It seems fate has shined brightly upon you dear Lady because Dr. Manuel Mangoes is on the case! As you know, I am reputed as being the world's foremost Fruit and Vegetable surgeon and researcher. Some call me a mad scientist, but those individuals are just jealous. For example, there were some in the scientific community that feigned shame when I invented Broccliflower, like it was some sort of Veganstein's monster or some such nonsense!

Can you believe that?

I prefer to see Broccliflower as a sort of light green super hero with robust florettes! I mean, how else should one characterize such an amazing specimen???

LadyLinoleum: Doctor please, if I thought you were a crackpot, I would have sought help elsewhere. Please, I need to know if you are able to save my friends!

Dr. Manuel Mangoes: Oh, sorry Lady. I do tend to get carried away at times...If anyone can save those two, It is I! And with the help of my assistant, Experimento, your friends will surely survive and thrive!

LadyLinoleum: That is such a relief to hear Doctor. I will inform the rest of the VLA right away. However, I must know first...Are you able to tell me how you intend to accomplish this huge task? How long will their individual reconstructions take? Recovery time? Will either Veggie ever see again?

Dr. Manuel Mangoes: I can feel your anxiety Lady, but you must have faith in my abilities to save your friends. I will not lie to you. Your friends are badly injured, but I've dealt with worse. I can assure you that I will do everything in my power to not only save your friends, but give them both a new lease on life. Now please, go have a seat in the waiting room and relax. There is a wonderful article about me in this month's Journal of Vegetable Medicine. Immerse yourself in that very good read, if I do say so myself, and I should be out of surgery before you know it with an update.

LadyLinoleum: Okay Dr. Mangoes. I will do my best to relax a bit and let you work your miracles.

LadyLinoleum makes her way down the clinic corridor, her heart racing, stomach in knots, hoping that her beloved Vegetable friends will be okay.

The liquid in Experimento's test tube body begins to bubble with anticipation at the impending task.

Dr. Manuel Mangoes takes off his lab coat so that he may change into his scrubs.

Stay tuned...

Copyright 2005 Regina Rioux Gonzalez. All rights reserved.


Kimberly said...

Hurrah for Dr. Manuel Mangoes! I am praying for Carrots and Roadkill during their surgery!

But the unanswered question still remains...WHO SHOT J... oops wrong show..... WHO ATTACKED THE VEGGIES??

Catana said...

Geez, I hate cliffhangers.

Anonymous said...



Nancy said...

Stay tuned:

Same Veggietime!, Same Veggiechannel!

I watched too much Batman when I was a little girl. Way too much.

Ro said...

"No Touchy de Mango! LOL"

I'm picturing a doctor in a hot pink miniskirt looking like Chris Kataan now LOL.

I LOVE the test tube. Love him. He may be my new VLA related hero. Just too freaking adorable, and I can relate to him far too much (Guess I've had too much bloodwork in my day)

I hope he has better luck as an assistant as our dear Muppet friend Beaker...he always get the short end of the stick...or tube, as it were...

Can't wait to see the next brilliant installment!

Should I crochet a candle for a vigil for Road Kill and Carnivorous?

Katy said...

Im sure you hear this all the time, but you are a freaking genius. Dr. Mangoes cracks me up in fact you've inspired me, I must go crochet now.

CraftyCritter said...

ARRRGGHHHHH! The torture,Lady! You are a wicked lass making us wait! Where's the rest? WHERE IS THE REST?

Heather Cox said...

He looks eerily like my OBGYN. *shiver* I hope Roadkill will be ok!

YarnYokel said...

I love seeing wonderful creativity with crochet. Thanks for sharing your work.