Thursday, August 25, 2005

Evolution of the Doll - Ballerinasaurus

18 Months
2 Gallery Shows
And A Gazillion Bottles of Wine...
Evolution of the Doll!

This Week's Doll Star: Ballerinasaurus!

Um yeah, she's part ballerina, part mother in labor (???), part Tyrannosaurus Rex...No, I'm NOT drunk!

Base Artist: Bee

Artist Background: Fiber, collage artist and educator. Bee is a wonderful craftswoman and resource. I owe much of my knowledge of fiber processes to her tutelage while an undergrad in college.

Round Two Artist: Stacy

Evolutionary Change: Like that hoop skirt wasn't enough??? Anyhoo, ceramic legs are just the right touch to make this blond diva want to BOOGIE!

Round Three Artist: Stevie

Evolutionary Change: Straight from the pages of Weekly World News, MOTHER GIVES BIRTH TO HER OWN HEAD!

Round Four Artist: Stephanie

Evolutionary Change: Adding a little 80's touch to the wardrobe means slashin' that skirt to expose the Madonna-esque netting. Sorry everyone, no good detail pics of this addition. You are just going to have to imagine the transformation.

Round Five Artist: Janet

Evolutionary Change: Wait, another update from the pages of Weekly World News...MOTHER WHO GAVE BIRTH TO OWN HEAD GROWS NEW REPTILIAN HEAD! If you choose to read further you will also find out that this pregnant reptilian-headed female has also ripped the head off of her husband. Yes. She. Did. Look there is a painting of the incident to prove it!

Round Six Artist: Dyane

Evolutionary Change: Soundtrack! Sorry peeps no pic of the mini tape recorder and believe me when I say this...Thank your lucky stars that I didn't include the sound file for this transformation in this post. Let's just say the "music" in question (and I use the term music loosely) is a kind of Star Trek theme meets a drunken Julee Cruise (remember the Twin Peaks theme?) ballad type of extravaganza. Like I said, scary.

Round Seven Artist: LadyLinoleum

Evolutionary Change: The mother-in-law. A reptilian glove puppet serves as the MIL in question. Just in case you thought that pink poofy dress donning reptile was goin' out in her toe shoes to paint the town, um, err, PINK, without any regard for her condition...enter the opinionated MIL with a few harsh words for her dear DIL.

Round Eight Artist: Jonna

Evolutionary Change: Oh yeah, the weirdness just doesn't seem to ebb at all with this dolly now does it? So far we've discovered that our heroine is a reptilian-headed, murderous, pregnant gal with an annoying mother-in-law. Well, she's also the lead dancer at a local club! Not only does this scaly diva drag her pregnant belly to the club every night for her show (read: ripping the head off of Ricky in a bloody rage means Lucy is free to be in the show), but she can also slip back and forth through time if she's at all bored. Did I lose you all yet??? Are you still with me??? Um, yeah, NOT drunk...I can assure you.

The quote at the bottom of the poster reads, "Never has anything so wrong been so right."

Round Nine Artist: Laurel

Evolutionary Change: Why not add some velvet curtains to that err, interesting painting of body-free husband and use it as a backdrop for our lovely yet scaly pink poofy star's nightly performances at the club? And you all thought Lorena Bobbitt was vindictive...

Round Ten Artist: Bea

Evolutionary Change: The Rexettes! Of course there is a chorus line...

Gallery View!

Oh yeah peeps, this dolly is a real goodie is it not? Would you believe that this doll was the hit of our gallery shows? Lots of twisted people out there I tell ya...

Two down, Eleven more to come!


Nancy said...

That looks like fun... twisted fun..... the BEST kind!

Tifffany said...

I adore the doll stories! Keep em coming! I wish the pictures were bigger tho, hehehehe. I guess I am one of the sickos ;)

CraftyCritter said...

Super cool...haven't had this much entertainment since being snogged by strangers at the last renn faire I attended....really it was innocent.
Can't wait to see the rest! Are you going to start charging admission?

Jessica said...

Ha! Dancing dinosaurs! I love dancing dinosaurs! (No, I'm not kidding, I do.) I love Ballerinasaurus!

LadyLinoleum said...

Okay first, I'm glad you guys like these dollies. And yep, they're not your average child's doll. That's fer sure.

The great thing about this project was the fact that from month to month you never knew what would happen to each doll. It was tons of fun. We laughed a lot.

Jana said...

hysterical. i particularily liked tha mil dinosaur. too bad the doll didnt mame the mil:)

~drew emborsky~ said...

I think I dated her in college. LOL - Seriously.

MomThatsNuts said...

You all are some strange folks, unlike me who is perfectly normal....lololol OK OK so I am also full of crap!! I love coming here inspire me, make me laugh and give me some great ideas.....I CANT HAVE IDEAS DAMMIT I HAVE TO PASS MATH....


Anonymous said...

Jana, no one can accuse you of being creatively-challenged!

kath red said...

crazy, weird, but kinda bizarely cool.

LadyLinoleum said...

Yes, these are definitely a little weird Kath. I agree. Some of the dolls are less bizarro and more aesthetically pleasing.

I agree with Jana, Amie. Too funny!

Mom, you go math-woman!

Anonymous said...

Clearly I'm a bit twisted, too, because I think the evolution is brilliant.