Wednesday, August 31, 2005

VLA Booty Continues...

Hey, it's me!

Up here guys!

Ahem, that's better. Hi all! Your friendly neighborhood Bell Pepper here, BBP to my friends. Bludgeoning Bell Pepper Sir to everyone else! Tonight we Veggie Recruits are coming to you from Ms. Linoleum's Super Secret Veggie Lounge where any Vegetable can enjoy a bit of R&R on the sofa, watch a little cable, eat some junk food and catch a little shut-eye free from threat or attack.

Anyway, the guys asked me to MC tonight's presentation of VLA supplies generously donated to us by our good friend and VLA supporter, Jessica! Big round of applause to this amazing crafty philanthropist from Ohio!!!

Just look at the stuff she sent to us!

Like camo netting! Amazing how it disguises our hideout huh? I mean you can hardly even tell it's there. Really, it looks totally invisible to the naked eyeball. It does too!

Moving right along...There's ole Roadkill and Tossed Salad enjoying the phenomenal bench and bed Jessica made, as you can see.

The guys cheered BIG TIME when we opened the box and saw these items...

There just isn't enough squeezable butter, or hell, pvc turkeys, on the face of this planet to satisfy the desires of this Bell Pepper. Jessica, you are a Godsend!

And for your culinary pleasures...

This isn't that junky Calphalon stuff either. This is genuine-imitation-plastic-cast-iron-look ware. Yep, you betcha. Emeril, move ov-va! BAM! BBP is in DA HOUSE and I am goin' show you who is the chef 'round here!

Um, yeah. Anyway, Jessica also sent us a few of these cool badges.

Jessica, are you psychic? How did you know that we Veggies LOVE shiny metal objects? Amazing. Here, Raging Red Cabbage models one of the ab fab badges...

And last but certainly not least, Jessica saw fit to send us what every Veggie start-up coalition needs...MONEY! And lots of it!

And a safe to stow it away...

That human woman is definitely a Veggie in her heart and soul. Another big round of applause for Jessica!

Only one more shipment of loot to show you all...stay tuned!


Jessica said...

I'm happy to contribute to the cause, if only to keep you guys busy in California. As a vegetarian, I'm very happy to be safely in Ohio, far from the VLA sphere of operations.

Glad you liked everything!

MomThatsNuts said...

lots of fun stuff...where do you keep it all?? You have a warehouse or something??? Very awesome!