Thursday, September 01, 2005

Evolution of the Doll - Sadie

13 Artists
13 Dolls
18 Months
2 Gallery Shows
And A Gazillion Bottles Of Wine...
Evolution of the Doll!

This Week's Doll Star: Sadie!

Base Artist: Corina

Artist Background: Painter, curator extraordinaire and fellow inmate at CGU. Due to her crazy schedule, Corina was unable to participate in this project beyond the beginning stages. However, the group continued to work on this week's featured doll and she was exhibited with the rest of the "gang" in gallery shows. So, without further ado, I give you...

...the wire hanger?!?! Um, yeah. The idea of a "doll starter" was nothing if not flexible.

Round Two Artist: Stacy

Evolution: There ya go! A torso! And an anatomically correct torso at that. So there.

Round Three Artist: Laurel

Evolution: On the exterior we have a very Vera type o' print. On the flip side is Mother Nature showing off her I am woman, hear me roar fashion forward design. Oh, and don't forget the delicate limb and dainty fingers...

Round Four Artist: Janet

Evolution: A lovely beaded necklace completes the ensemble...

Round Five Artist: Stevie

Evolution: The lightbulb went on, I'm not kidding, her head is literally a lightbulb. Add a hat and she's ready to par-tay!

Round Six Artist: Jonna

Evolution: Coiffed and not with synthetic hair mind you. No, that is the artist's, the artist's hairballs I mean.

Round Seven Artist: Bee

Evolution: Shoes in a bed of flowers of course!

Round Eight Artist: Young

Evolution: Or in this case DEVOLUTION. So, we all received an email from Young with apologies galore. Her car had been broken into and what did the perpetrators steal? You guessed it! The box that held Sadie! God only knows what the thieves thought upon opening the box and seeing a doll made from a lamp! I don't think that they were too happy with the acquired loot. That's fer sure.

Poor Young...she tried to recreate the body, but remade from solid plaster and weighing in at over 20 lbs., the girl just wasn't what she used to be.

Round Nine Artist: LadyLinoleum

RE-Evolution: In crocheted memoriam.

Round Ten Artist: Dyane

RE-Evolution: The ransom note reads...

I have the doll. It's safe for now. I will need one million dollars, $20 and $100 bills. Meet me at Krispy Kreme, Puente Hills parking lot, noon, no cops, come alone. If I don't get the money I will smash it.


Round Eleven Artist: Bea

RE-Evolution: Flowers for the grave.

Round Twelve Artist: Stephanie

RE-Evolution: A frame for the photo of our girl taken before the tragic abduction.

Sadie, we will always remember you.

Evolution of the Doll!

Three down, ten more to go...


Jessica said...

OK, so can I admit that I was happy that Sadie was stolen? Cuz right up to that point, for some reason, she freaked me right out! I think it was the fingers. [shiver] Dunno.

How about I say what I say about George Eliot: "I don't like her, but I appreciate her." And since I've read pretty much all of Eliot's stuff, that's kind of a compliment, I guess.

But now I need a glass of wine to make me stop thinking of those fingers.

Heather Cox said...

Love these posts. Hey, have you seen the Brides of Frankenstein exhibit at the San Jose Museum of Art? I was thinking it would be fun if I could somehow make it to CA.

Anonymous said...

I loved the original head with the light bulb - wonderfully funny and also unsettling.

Oslofia said...

It really sucks that Sadie was stolen!!!! The thieves will get a lot of bad karma for doing so =)

Anonymous said...

Boy those take me back to the days of art school. Reminds me of assignments we had to do working with random materials.

Pretty cool stuff!

CraftyCritter said...

OH GOD! I hope that poor Sadie wasn't "manhandled" by those ruffians, having that bootylicious rump and stuff!

Ummmm...maybe you should put a declaimer...I mean look what happened to Jessica she's a lush now.... Something like "Beware of dangly digits" or something.