Sunday, September 04, 2005

The Carbonator

Scene 4: VSU Headquarters

Slim: This just came in over the wire...

Stout: Are we sure this is our perp?

Slim: Well, we tested the substance at the scene and it seems the chemical components clearly point to one substance...Diet Black Cherry Shasta.

Stout: Okay, let's bring him in. Just don't let the psycho know he's done us a huge favor...

*Slim laughs as he leaves to ready the team for apprehension of the perp*

LadyLino's notes: text is difficult to read. Sorry! Translation below:

Date of Birth: 2003
Place of Birth: Hayward, CA
Height: 4 7/8"
Weight: 12 fl oz (355 ml)
Build: Aluminum
Occupation: Carbonated Beverage
Remarks: Mad as a hatter.
Hair: Red Heart 100% Acrylic - Red
Eye: Artfabrik Size 8 Thread - Embers
Complexion: Shiny
Sex: Not Recently
Nationality: Shasta

Full size pic of the perp:

Copyright 2005 Regina Rioux Gonzalez. All rights reserved.


Deb said...

I think he's had a little too much caffine!!! ;-)

LadyLinoleum said...

Well you know Faye, you have to make the best of a bad situation. I spilled the freaking soda on the veggies while moving. I was totally upset. After collecting myself, I figured okay, I am going to turn this into a part of the VLA story. Hence, the evil can cozy was born.

Debi, I agree, he looks a little caffienated to me too!

Kimberly said...

He is kinda cute (yup, I always go for the bad boys) Lemme guess - he was the shy, quiet loner in school who always went home right away and never played with the other soda pop cans.....he wakes up one day and instead of shooting out the post office, tries to whack off some veggies.... twisted.... very twisted :)

Jessica said...


noricum said...

*Love* the hat!!

sara said...

I love the hat, too. What was that muppet's name with the gold tooth? Dr. Somebody...I know Zoot played the sax...anyway, that's what the hat reminds me of.

What a great way to make lemon soda out of lemons...

Nancy said...

I have a feeling that when this guy gets shaken up....he comes out shooting....err or is that shooting out?

Suburban Hooker said...

OMG no.....not Diet Black Cherry Shasta!!! I don't believe it!!

Deneen said...

Found the silver lining in the "soda spilling fiasco", good for you. He looks totally cool!

Melissa H. said...

Sara, it's Dr. Teeth.

Regina, I love what you've done with your veggies! Too bad about the Diet Black Cherry Shasta, though....that Carbonator is one evil caffienated dude!

LadyLinoleum said...

You know guys I'm having a good time with this whole story, characters, etc. And now I'm thinking I must make more evil can cozies. This guy was too much fun to create!

CraftyCritter said...

Holy Aluminum Can Lady Lino!

That's so cool Regina! WTG to overcoming the tradegy of the Carbonator!
Borrowing a line from Oliver Twist
"Please Sir, may I have some more?"

Jana said...

oh my god regina! i love the red hair. the carbonator, i am laughing my ass off!