Thursday, September 08, 2005

Evolution Of The Doll - Homicide

18 Months
2 Gallery Shows
And A Gazillion Bottles Of Wine...
Evolution of the Doll!

This Week's Doll Star - Homicide!

Catchy title eh?

Base Artist: Dyane

Artist Background: In a word, nuts. Not really, but her work is totally out there (in a good way). Dyane is a painter and educator and has been known to destroy helpless stuffed animals in the name of art every now and again.

Base Round: Another liberal interpretation of the doll base say the least!

Round One: LadyLinoleum

Evolutionary Change: Never, ever ride a scooter sans shoes. Wait! Never, ever ride a scooter sans ruby slippers! I was going through an Oz phase. Actually, I am still going through an Oz phase because one cannot have enough wonderful wizardry as part of daily life.

I painted the inside of the shoes with the infamous green babe's nefarious message from the MGM 1939 classic. The shoes warn, "Surrender Dorothy".

Round Two: Lena Linoleum

Evolutionary Change: My progeny, the creative genius that she is, decided to add a hat and two adorable green Sculpey feet to the doll on the go!

Round Three: Stevie

Evolutionary Change: WWW A.D. = Wicked Witch of the West After Dorothy! Yep, she's a pile of goo due to the H2O shower.

Round Four: Janet

Evolutionary Change: Glass spider in her web with the acquired green Sculpey feet! (I don't have a detail of this addition, but you can see the web on the handlebars if you look closely.)

Round Five: Jonna

Evolutionary Change: Working from my progeny's paper hat as a model, Jonna constructed a proper witchy chapeau.

Round Six: Bea

Evolutionary Change: Afterall, our victim was not found naked!

Round Seven: Laurel

Evolutionary Change: We've found the murder weapon Watson...

Round Eight: Stacey

Evolutionary Change: Okay everyone, a one, and a two...Some-where over the rain-bow...okay, you catch my drift. Soundtrack!

Round Nine: Stephanie

Evolutionary Change: Disco hose??? Um, yeah.

Round Ten: Young

Evolutionary Change: Prime suspect! Don't let the fact that she's cute fool you. This is one dangerous blond b*$%#!

Round Eleven: Bee

Evolutionary Change: WWW traded in her junker broom for that new fangled scooter.

Gallery View:

Nine more doll stories to go...Stay tuned folks!


Micky said...

That one has to be my favorite. You really have a great talent.

Emily said...

Great Scott! I love these dolls! I went thru all your dolls and this one made me comment...good take and humorous.

Are all the artists in the area who participate? Are you planning another collaborative in the future?

Love dolls and love your groups evolutions!