Tuesday, December 27, 2005

2005 Reflections & 2006 Resolutions

This may be a trite exercise to some, but I find that assessing the year's accomplishments/areas for improvement, combined with setting goals and determining the best way to execute them during the upcoming year to be a cathartic exercise. And I am an innate list-maker so this process is one that I enjoy immensely!

I tackle this exercise from a primarily additive perspective, meaning, I do not start out with a blank slate from year to year as my goals for the new year are generally derivative from my goals of the prior year. As a result, my resolution process is one of keeping a list and making modifications for maybe my goals from last year were too lofty, maybe some just don't have any relevance for me anymore or maybe, a goal or two are still in-process and need a bit of tweaking in order to be accomplished. So, I attempt to frame my list modifications by asking myself these questions:

  • Did I accomplish what I set out to do this year? If not, is that particular goal still meaningful?
  • If a goal is in-process, what steps do I need to take in order to accomplish the task?
  • Do I have any new goals to add to the list for the upcoming year?

By asking myself to reflect upon my goals I am able to refine my list and map out my personal journey for the upcoming year. Did I mention that I'm a bit anal retentive???

Without further ado, I give you The List...

  1. Spend more quality time with my family - Really made an attempt to hang with the hubby, the child and momster this year. This goal migrates from year to year as it is easy for me to lose track of my loved ones while attempting to conduct my modern adult life laden with employment, chores, my creative exploits and far too many hours surfing the internet. In spite of these diversions I work mightily hard to keep my connections with my family alive and well. No small task!
  2. Create a website - Done (and then some because I have this here blogola too)! Although in 2006 I MUST UPDATE MY WEBSITE MONTHLY. I am really a webmaster sloth.
  3. Write and publish a book - Migrating to '06. I made some headway on this goal due to Annie's acceptance of my essay into her book Cheaper Than Therapy.
  4. Create a comic book - Migrating to '06.
  5. Create a zine - Ditto #4.
  6. Sell my toy ideas to a manufacturer - Ditto #4.
  7. Sell my puppet/toy-based stories to a television or movie production company - Ditto #4
  8. Finish my puppet theatre - Ditto #4.
  9. Sell some of my artwork - Oh yeah, cleaning out the closets and making a little green stuff in the process.
  10. Ask for a promotion at The Cube Farm - I know, I cannot believe they promoted me either!
  11. Buy a house or condo - We are the proud owners of a 'spensive fixer-upper!
  12. Take a vacation - Last year I spent my entire vacation moving the contents of our residence from apartment to condo. Sucked! In '06 we are going to Dublin, Ireland! Wooo hooo! I will purchase much wool and drown myself in a vat of Guinness.
  13. Exercise - Ahhh yes, the exercise conundrum. Should I crochet or get my rear out of the chair and move? I mean c'mon, this one is hard!
  14. Lose weight - Been on my list since birth.
  15. Try not eat processed food - Repeat after me, "Potato chips are not quick cuisine."
  16. Learn to spin - Ditto #4.
  17. Relearn to make wool felt - Yeah, ditto #4 too.
  18. Make garments - Okay, I started to make a few functional items this year. And yes, I am counting the rainbow legwarmers that I finished last week! Definitely more to come in '06 and I may even design a few. Who knows!
  19. Knit more - Making progress here.
  20. Read non-fiction - I really need to read something other than novels. This one definitely migrates to '06.
  21. Wipe out my credit card debt - Mission accomplished. Yipee! Now I just need to stay out of debt!
  22. Spend less and save my money - Hi, my name is LadyL and I'm a compulsive shopper...yep, migrating.
  23. Figure out how to make a myself financially independent using my artwork/creativity as a vehicle - I can hope, can't I?
  24. Go see a play or concert - Yes, must put down the hook and yarn and actually leave the house every now and again in the evening. I know, it's sad. Migrating...
  25. Go to museums and galleries more often - Apparently I'm okay going out during the daytime. Need to step up this activity in '06 though.
  26. Buy blue - I try not to talk politics on my blog, but if I am going to blow off #22, this is the least I could do.
  27. *New* Read the newspaper every day
  28. *New* Publish my crochet patterns in a book(s) - I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.
  29. *New* Finish my filet crochet WIPs - You've no idea the depth and breadth of these WIP-olas that lurk beneath the lids of the plastic bins scattered about my work room.
  30. *New* Make a least one large scale crocheted sculpture
  31. *New* Learn to quilt
  32. *New* Expand my embroidery skills - More to the embroidered life than just mere chain stitch.
  33. *New* Make more dolls and puppets
  34. *New* Post existing puppets on blog
  35. *New* Finish writing my puppet plays - Are you sensing a theme here???
  36. *New* Perform one puppet play - Not to bludgeon you with more puppet stuff, but...
  37. *New* Don't take the actions of my siblings personally - Sticks and stones...
  38. *New* Cook more often - Yes Regina, the kitchen is accessible 365 days a year.
  39. *New* Learn how to live in the moment
  40. *New* Learn how to relax and quell the need to fill every waking moment with activity - Taking #39 one step further.

Whew, 40 goals! No time like the present...


Nancy said...

That's a formidable list m'Lady!

Unknown said...

cool list
Alot bigger than my little list (and I thought mine was big)
Wishing you all the luck reaching EVERY goal on your list and then some!

Tara said...

My Goodness! That should keep you busy all year!

Vicky aka Stichr said...

you might wanna nix #31, Learn To Quilt. It will Not, I repeat will NOT help keep you outta debt. Fabric is expensive and yummy and there are gazillions of them out there and stopping at just ONE is not possible.....And this advice is from a Fabric Stasher whose Stash is nothing compared to others I know!!!!

Crafty Andy said...

You have a nice list Regina, I see a lot of these things can be accomplished easily if you are able to focus and multitaks. Shopping the Taurus delight, be more picky and spend your money shrewdly. My partner says I am a cheapscape, Menaing I don't like to spend money. My basic motto when buying is do I need it or do I want it? Never pay full price for retail!

The eye in the sky will be bestowing it's blessing upon you and your family. Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's an impressive list. You've done the one that scares me most (credit card debt)...

Gotta agree w/Vicky- quilting will send you over the edge, $wise. Trust me. Iswear, my fabric stash is probably worth a few months of mortgage payments, which is sad but true...

lisa solomon said...

wow. 40. now THAT's a list....

may you tackle as many as you can w/out making yourself crazy :)

happy new year!!
[now i want to make a list]

Anonymous said...

#28-please, please, please, your stuff makes me sick with envy.


Granny said...

You can do it!
Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Go for it! Best of luck in the new year! :)
~Sue (in a bunch of the same rings)

dizzy von damn! said...

that's some list.

i'm pretty sure 40 goals for the new year means number 40 might not be so easy.

LG said...

#12 could be a vacation to Argentina? It would be great!

Anonymous said...

I can't crochet- but I'd buy your book anyway. Because your creatures are unique and awesome!

Anonymous said...

Go for it! Number #40 is actually #1 on my list, but I always skip over it to complete the rest! I would buy your book sight unseen!

Anonymous said...

Dork - aka anonymous! (I mean I'm the dork, of course :>_

Rebecca said...

Yes! Publish your patterns in a book! You can totally do it. It looks like you already have a start on an intro with your next post too.

sueeeus said...

After reading this list, I think I need to take a nap.