Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Whip Up

Have you heard the news? There's a new collaborative crafty blog out there and it's not to be missed!

Why? Well, the creme de la creme of crafty blogdom will be populating the virtual pages with tips, tricks, profiles, ideas galore and tons of good ole crafty goodness. Just look at this A-List of contributors: Alison, Amy, Betsy, Camilla, Claire, Jane, Kathreen, Laural, Lisa, Lyn, Maitreya, Maria, Nichola, Nicole, and little ole me (your resident A-List wannabe).

This brainchild of Kath is sure to be a hit so grab a button and stroll on over there!


lisa solomon said...

it's amazing....

any BTW - you are so A list!!! :)

dizzy von damn! said...

i agree. a-list all the way.

i am jealous of your crafty goodness.

(ps- still no word)

Anonymous said...

It's a great site! And all of you folks are on the A+++++++++++++ (think A Christmas Story) list!