Monday, January 16, 2006

Makin' Flakes!

Oh yes I've joined my first CAL - Snowflake Mondays! Very excited about this! Upon a few recommendations, I decided that my snowflake pattern book of choice should be 99 Snowflakes.

I'm happy to report that this, in fact, was the right book to choose. Not only are the directions clear and a wide range of stitches represented, but there are 99 different little bundles of thready glory to try out! So far I've made four. They aren't blocked or stiffened yet, so no snide remarks from the blogosphere, okay? Okay.

Thus far, I've tried out a couple of different threads: DMC Cordonnet (size 10) and Aunt Lydia's size 10 ala Jumbo ball. Now I love DMC, but actually big ole cheapy ball of Aunt Lydia's seems to work up better with my teeny weeny steel hook. And there are 2730 YARDS of white thready goodness on Aunt Lydia's-have-enough-thread-until-death-ball, SO I won't have to replenish my supply any time soon.

Speaking of CAL's, some of us peeps at the WeHo SNB have decided to have a little vintage chapeau CAL. At last week's gathering, I brought one of my McCall's Needlework mags circa Fall-Winter 1963-64 and this page definitely lit our hooks on fire:

We all decided that our lives would be exceedingly incomplete without these hats to adorn our heads. A fact with which I'm sure you all concur. (If interested in joining us, email me.)

It was a tough decision, but I'm starting the turban before the funkadelic flower muff and headband because I decided that I need to begin wearing turbans, especially the mohair and gold variety, sooner rather than later (Lori, I know you understand this desire).

The pattern for the turban is frighteningly easy, that is once I'd gotten past my aversion to crocheting mohair. Yes, I hate to crochet with mohair and eyelash yarn. Come to think of it I hate to knit eyelash yarn too. Actually, I just hate eyelash yarn. I love mohair though and will knit it any ole day, but peeps just try to frog crocheted mohair. It's like you've been transported to your own personal torture chamber, pulling and tugging endless amount of fuzz away from more fuzz. In short, it sucks.

At any rate here's my soon to be favorite fashion accessory in the making:

Beyond the CAL's I've been working on lots of new creatures (stay tuned for a future creature post) and some groovy functional items as well. Remember the New Year's weekend capelet? Well, I've frogged it. No, I didn't rip it out! I added a frog closure!

Recently, I also made myself a pair of legwarmers because I loved the ones I made for my offspring so very much. Her's were of course in an oh so sedate color as my daughter lacks the chip of this block when it comes to the color wheel. In contrast, mine incorporate many of the hues on the wheel. The child does not approve. And acknowledging this fact, I wear them around her often...

I am not ashamed to tell you that I used Red Heart Super Saver for my warmers of the legs. C'mon that colorway could be nothing else but RHSS Mexicana! And for all of you yarn snobs out there who'd never use this yarn form of Satan I've got a little fact to share with you...In the event of a nuclear holocaust, the only things that will survive are: (i) cockroaches; (ii) styrofoam; and yes (iii) Red Heart Super Saver. So, my rainbow legwarmers will be a testament to our civilization's way of life should aliens ever decide to visit here and bring back souveniers for study. So there. No, I'm not drinking.

Last but not least in the post o' WIP's and functional FO's, I am getting a jumpstart on holiday season '06 with fingerless gloves. I love fingerless gloves and believe that everyone I know should own a pair. In keeping with this belief, I aim to make everyone a pair for next season's gift-o-rama. I bought oodles of sock yarn and can be seen about town sporting my size one dpns and variegated skinny fiber.

Incidentally, I love the Holiday Knits book which includes the glove pattern I'm using. It's beautifully photographed, has a wide range of projects with clear and concise directions.

Better color shot of glove yarn below. Check out my ghetto safety pin stitch holder...

Sorry for my time lapse in between posts folks...I'm working on improving that situation!

Have a wonderful week everyone!


stuffed said...

Holy cow! I can comment! Wasn't working for me earlier.

Love the bottom right snowflake. I wish I had the strength to CAL but am about to embark on a long reading vacation. Many books.

Love the hat-athon as well. Would that the muff were really a hat. Love it. It's almost identical to my fantasy 1960 Easter Sunday horror... that I would wear everyday if only I made one already.

Green Kitchen said...

I made a few snowflakes after getting about 14 balls of crochet thread at a garage sale. I, too, have a lifetime supply. It's vintage something or another, buried a few boxes deep in the craft mountain--I'd be happy to send you one or two if you feel like you need to try a new thread. Mine is not white white, it's unbleached looking. If I can muster the strength I'll post a photo of the thread on my brand spankin' new blog: Cheers. P.S. My hot pink Montgomery Ward acrylic yarn might survive nuclear holocaust too.

none said...

I just got that snowflake book about a month ago and can't wait to make flakes out of it. Fingerless gloves are on my todo list, real soon as I noticed going back to school my hands were cold.

I hate frogging mohair (even synthetic mohair.)

Love the legwarmers. Rainbows rock!

MrsFife said...

Hey, I like your rainbows. And thanks for the thumbs up on the RHSS. It's about the one yarn I've ever met from yarn paradise (aka the US). Well, at least the one I've met most of. Are you sure it wouldn't fuse or melt or something, like potholders will do if made of it? I'm totally ignorant, thank you.

Crafty Andy said...

YOu have definitely been busy Regina while I was partying and having fun. SOmetimes is like that, but your turn will come.

Thanks for all the sharing.

Nancy said...


Vera said...

Your flakes look fine.

I love those hats--esepcially the flowered one.

I still use RH Super Saver, and a safety pin is one of the best stitch holder to use.

Unknown said...

YAY great flakes!

I have been looking for a crochet turban pattern that appeals to me.
I am reckoning that I will havta make up my own becasue none that I have found are good 'nuff.

Bunny said...

Love the colors of your turban!

I should make snowflakes to replace the ones my cat destroyed. (must be something about the stiffener he likes.)

legwarmers are on my to do list. I love the bright colors of yours.

LinknKnits said...

Hee hee... that you wear the legwarmers just to tweak your daughter completely rocks! My mom would do the same! LOL

Crocheting mohair completely sucks. Glad to know it is better for knitting at least!

Daisy said...

A while back Hobby Lobby had those Aunt Lydia's three-million-yard balls on sale, so I bought two. I definitely don't expect to run out of white thread in the next ten years!

Ellen Bloom said...

I just might start on my flowered headband and muff tonight! RH Super Saver in my DEEP STASH should do the trick!

FinnyKnits said...

I'm glad to see that someone else is into leg warmers -- I'm over halfway through my pair of hot pink ones and can't wait to wear them around the cringing hubby. I'll likely wear them with one of my pairs of fingerless gloves, of which I have many. It's my favorite accessory. Also glad to see that other people use the safety pin stitch holder, ghettofabulous unite!

Micky said...

Well that muff just screamed out to me. I think I must make it or die.

Micky said...

Well now that I have control of myself again. lol
All your work looks great! I have a few little patterns for snowflakes too. And some of that never ending cotton! And I love the color of those warmers!

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of making a snowflake every week! Do ya think I could knit a few before I get the crochet habit back? The turban is swell, but I am totally coveting that little green leprechaun hat!

~drew emborsky~ said...

Does that make all y'all flaky? LOL Wooohooo, hee hee heee... and yes, I've been drinking...

emy said...

Those hats look so interesting! Wish we are living in the 50s/60s to enjoy them thoroughly!

Kimberly said...

Yay on the snowflakes! I really need to get back to making them again!

OMG - I love the upper top-hat looking hat - it is awesome! I realized the other day while standing in line to buy two hats that I could easily make myself that I have a serious hat problem.....along with a fear of making anything wearable other than a scarf! I will make a hat for myself one day.......I will!!!!

smg55039 said...


I'm making a daisy afghan using the stuff.


Anonymous said...


-Random stranger