Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Happy Three!

March came and went without my having acknowledged my third blogiversary. Can you believe it? Blogging is so "old hat" to me now that I cannot even remember the passing of this milestone? So sad.

At any rate, I was thinking about my journey through the labyrinth that is the blogosphere over these last three years as I sat in airport last Friday waiting for my flight back to LaLaLand. It all came flooding back to me at once, the provocation for starting this green bloggy, investigating blogging platforms, figuring out the inner workings of code and exploring the intricacies of image hosting. I reveled in the memories of my first explorations about the vast frontier that is craft blogging, attempting to figure out my place in this ever expanding world. Sharing my work in this virtual world was and continues to be exciting as well as a bit scary. It has been such a wonderful experience to have met so many people who share my addiction for all things yarn. Of this I shall never tire. Three years into the experiment I feel like corpulent sponge, having readily absorbed every possible experience a craft blogger can partake in, virtual and beyond. Memes and contests! Swaps and challenges! Ravelry! Message boards! Craft fairs! Charity drives! KALs and even more CALs! These three years past have been nothing short of amazing.

Really, blogging has changed my life. It is because of this blog that I have had my designs published. My weekly musings and crazy projects even landed me a stint on television. I teach crochet and knit classes in and around Los Angeles because I blog. I have traveled across the country attending various workshops and conferences all in the name of yarn, oh, and my blog. Finally, the only reason I even know about (and attend) my local Stitch N Bitch meetings is because I was invited to attend by, you guessed it, another blogger.

The blogosphere has been very, very good to me. I have had some amazing experiences and palpable successes. I have had the privilege to meet some wonderful people and forged many lasting friendships. You, my fellow bloggers, have provided me with endless amounts of inspiration, laughter, candor and kindness. Thank you for embracing my weirdness and for your constant encouragement. I love you guys and look forward to sharing another year with you!

In closing, I think a few words from Eeyore are in order. Thanks for noticin' me.


Sharon said...

Happy blogiversary!!

Ann Marie said...

Congratulations on your third blogiversary!
You deserve all of your successes because you create the most unique and craziest works of yarn. I love it! :)
Keep us inspired with your blogging and yarning.

Gina said...


elaines630 said...

Congrats! I just started my blog at the end of last year, but I can relate! I haven't had as much experience, but there is another world out there that I didnt know about until I started blogging!

Ansley Bleu said...

My 2 year blogiversary just passed me unnoticed too. I completely agree with your commentary. Without a blog and etsy, I would not be selling patterns either. It is so amazing to have contact with other crafters and have a customer base that spans the globe.

I adore the fact that the internet has allowed independent artists to reach their niche markets. We truly no longer have to conform to what the department store has chosen to sell us. Let's hear it for wierd!

Man! What the heck did we do before the internet?

Heather said...

3 yrs? wow! i wonder how long i have been blogging. i dont even know :-P

lisa solomon said...

so glad you are here - and that we've had the chance to muck it up in person...

wore your chicken hat yesterday!

Lynne E. said...

Your weirdness is most embraceable. :-) Keep at it.

Micky said...

Happy Bloggiversary!

I'm so glad I happened upon your place. Probably not too long after I started mine, maybe even before. It seems like so long ago.

I can't imagine not reading blogs every day, or posting things myself.

You have been an inspiration to me. You never cease to amaze me with all your creations.

Here's to another 3, and hopefully more.

Fiber Deviant said...

Happy 3rd!

love, love, love all of your wonderful and wacky creations!

you have definitely been an inspiration to me!

thanks for all of your kind words!

Nancy said...

We must have started blogging in the same month of the same year!

Happy belated blogversary to you!

Susan Schwake said...

what a joy to have not only had the pleasure of your wisdom and creative nature here on the web, but to meet you live and in person too.
best to you and yours my dear in the coming years.
pssst - love those bees and isn't time flying when you have kids?

Mini said...

Happy Blogiversary!