Monday, April 28, 2008

A Week In The Life...

Yes, my silence has been deafening over the past week.  Let's just say my previous week went southward following the Sunday market excursion.
Monday began a hectic work week. It sucks, but it's also familiar.  I have been digging out of the fiscal year end madness that overtook the cube farm shortly after the holidays ended.  Really, it feels like year end 365 days a year at this point.  However, as I said before, this is not unusual.  I imbibe pot loads of caffeine, knit and/or crochet on my lunch hours to decompress from the morning craziness and well, cocktails are a regular part of my evening routine.
Tuesday began as any other...uh, groggy and partially caffeinated.  However, this morning differed in that I was heading over to my doctor's office for an early morning appointment before embarking upon my daily toils at the cube farm.  Aside from the fact that I hadn't been feeling all that well, this excursion seemed normal enough.  That is, until I pulled into the parking lot of the medical building...
I drove up to the ticket dispenser and gave the button a push.  When the ticket appeared I found that I was sitting too low to reach the slip of paper.  So, obviously not thinking the following action through, with my foot securely on the brake (or so I thought), I released my seat belt and leaned out the window of my vehicle. 
You can guess what happened next. 
Oh yeah, my foot slipped off the brake pedal and onto the gas pedal sending me careening headlong into parking barrier gate! 
But wait, there's more... 
I didn't just merely tap the barrier.  Oh no!  When I break something, I do the job right!
Yeah, I mowed that barrier down and pushed it about, oh, 8 feet or so before I was able to get my foot back onto the brake.  Now that?  Takes talent.
Needless to say, I was in shock and just a wee bit embarrassed as this occurred in a street level lot on one of the busiest corners in Los Angeles.  Resisting the urge to flee, I pulled into one of the first available parking spaces and proceeded into the medical building to (i) confess my barrier gate demo, (ii) find a receptacle to barf in and (iii) partake in one the most expensive doctor's visit in history!  With those items checked off my list, I gave the hubs a holler to let him know how I spent my morning.  He immediately came to my rescue, driving me to work and my car to the body shop.
Love the hubs.
Upon arrival at the cube farm, I took a conference call, closed my office door after the call's completion and cried.
Yeah, Tuesday?  Could've been better.
Onto Wednesday. 
LadyLinoleum, what do you do to unwind after mowing down your local parking barrier and totally screwing up the front end of your Beemer? 
I went to Disneyland!
I should also be noted that I wore Pirates of the Caribbean Mickey Ears the entire day while attempting not to let the previous day's events ruin my time at the happiest place on earth.  Definitely a difficult task.
Thursday and Friday were uneventful as compared to the former half of the week.  Days spent toiling away at the cube farm, eves mired in a few magazine design projects.  Hey, life marches on right?
By Saturday, my nerves had come down a notch or two.  I spent most of the day at a LYS in South Pasadena teaching the ways of the hook.  Sunday seemed almost normal, my girl, Jenna, and I spending the whole day dipping yarn in dye. 
Okay, last week?  Yeah, a little tough.  I did learn a few things though, not the least of which was that I need to become one with my parking brake. 
Here's to a better Tuesday this week!  


Ann Marie said...

Aw! Sorry you had a crappy week and sorry about your beemer!

Sending hugs your way and wishing you a mucho mejor week!

Sus said...

Oh my! I'm glad you're okay, though. I'm sending happy Tuesday vibes to you and lots of warm fuzzies!

Deneen said...

Could have been worse, you could have been hurt or hurt someone else-a car can be fixed. The embarrassment, nothing can take that away :)

Anonymous said...

Ack. Big hugs to you.

Caroline B said...

If you are going to dent your car, you might as well do it in spectacular fashion! Glad you're ok and that your week got better after that.

Anonymous said...

Aw, so sorry about the crappy start to your week. Although, the other day I had to pay a bunch of money for the convenience of parking in a lot in downtown San Jose. Gah! So I actually said a little "yeah!" when you said your ran down a parking gate! Not fun for your car though, poo.