Sunday, August 21, 2005

Mail Call: The Flat Sequel

Hiya folks! Most of ya critters out there already know me. Fer those of ya who've been hidin' under a rock or the tire of a truck like myself *hehehe* I'd like ta makes my introductions. I'm RoadKill Korn, utherwise known as Father Flat er The Ole Flat Dude, as the kiddies likes to call me, in the Vegetable Liberation Army. They's yunguns have eeee-lected me ta present ta ya, ya Veggie-lovin' humans out there, all's the flat-terific sooo-pplies we've received thanks ta yer undyin' genrosity and luv of us sprouts. So, without ferther ado let's git t'it dagnabit!

Our first sooo-pplies come ta us all's the ways from the oth'r sides of the cuntry. The boys thank ya kindly Deneen for sendin' us these luvly blankits. The boys jus luv 'em as ya can see!

Life is hard fer us Veggie soldiers. We don't have much time fer lovin' from wimen folk due ta bizzy schedules an all, so a warm bed and a good night's sleep has ta suffice. At least us Veggies er less cranky critters after gitting some shut-eye. *hehehe* The litt'l south er the border sprout luvs the sleepin' bag Deneen sent.

This here kind woman also sent us Veggies a backpack fer totin' more sooo-pplies...

and a beer mug thank the lordy!

I ain't Irish, but a litt'l four leaf clover luck nev'r hurt no one!

I really like this woman, Deneen, even tho' she's a yankie. Hmmm, yankie rhymes with hankie-pankie *hehehe* Um, err, okay troops, let's git movin' on. Lots ta see!

As I saids before, a litt'l shut-eye does a Veggie good. Here's my nephew tryin' out the new sleepin' bag made by Ms. Linoleum's yungun, Lena Linoleum. Even the yung, yung human sprouts are answerin' our call fer help!

Thanks yung Linoleum sprout fer yer kind contribution.

We's caught this candid shot of they's Carrots modelin' this towel after returnin' from the showers in our camp jus this mornin'. They's wasn't so happy 'bout that. I don't know why. They's walks 'round nekked most of the time anyways. Go fig'r.

This towel an more were sent ta us by our friend, The Shrone. Ms. Linoleum has explained ta me more than once what the heck a Shrone is, but my mind, being flat an all, musn't be firin' on all cylinders 'cuz I jus don't git it. Anyways, we's thanks The Shrone fer her genrous contribution. Without them towels, we'd has to air dry and dependin' 'pon the weather, that can takes up to an hour!

That there Shrone woman also sent us Veggies a coup'l of placemats 'cuz she knows we's civilized sprouts.

She also sent a special gift to my nephew.

Ain't that the right smartist cape ya ever did see?

I may have ta borrow this every now an 'gain.

Lastly, that Shrone woman sent some entertainin' sooo-pplies that'll keep the boys occupied on their nights off.

Here ya have it...A cow that shoots cowpies...A belly button flasher. Too bad nun of us veggies has belly buttons. We's gonna have to plead with Ms. Linoleum to model it fer us. Oh, an I almost fergot, there's also a metal circle filled with Shrone movies. We's really likes those movin' pictures. Can't wait to watch those! We's in needs of a night off an sum relaxation.

All in all, it's a good haul. Thanks again to all you honrary Veggies. We's salute you!

An now a message from our sponsor, Ms. Linoleum:

I also have some thank you's that need to go out.

Thank you so much to my Secret Sistah for this fantabulous array of gifties!

Yes, there is a VLA bag there!!! Awesome!!! Vegetables with attitude...LOVE IT!

PMS Chocolate, a mug adorned with cherries, soaps, eyeball candies and lots of yarn and thread (DMC is my fave)! Thanks so much Secret Sistah!!!

I also want to thank my Crochetville Autumn Pal for this wonderful selection of goodies.

Is this not the most gorgeous doily ev-ver???

I have to tell you all that I really love doilies. I know that sounds uber-wacked coming from me, but I do love them. I love the thread and the labor that goes into making them. I love the intricasy of the patterns and how each amazing stitch reminds me of my nana churning these works of art out like her hair was on fire. I just love them.

Oh, and more yarn and DMC thread. Score!

A close-up of the postcard that came with the yarn porn...

I am soooooooo very lucky. Thank you all for everything!!!


~drew emborsky~ said...

Wow, that's quite a haul. Sumfin fer everbody!

Nancy said...

Looks like a happy household and VLA headquarters!


Oslofia said...

Wow...lots of nice things!!! Since you're into doilys...why not make a Vegetable Liberation Army kind'a doily. That would have been really cool I think =)

Granny said...

Very neat stuff you got there. Does anyone say NEAT anymore? Oh well, I'm a dork...

I see you're fighting spam too. Sad isn't it? :(

ladylinoleum said...

Yep, the VLA received some super cool stuff! They/We are lucky!!!

Isn't it awful Faye about the spam? I don't get it the purpose of spamming blogs. It usually just ticks me off to see the spam comment on anyone's blog. I would never buy the stuff in the comment ad. Go figure.

~drew emborsky~ said...

Just so you know, keeping with the "your blog makes me hungry" theme, because of you I was prompted to go out and buy some Spam over the weekend. Don't hate me because I love it....

Jana said...

regina, that is too funny. love the tire marks!! you got lots of lovely stuff, people are so nice eh?

ladylinoleum said...

Oslofia - I'll put some thought into that doily idea.

Jana - Yep, we scored big time. The stuff people made for the Veggies is unreal, awesome. I am overwhelmed!

Heather said...

Sweet swag! :)

Sheila said...

Sorry I haven't commented in some time. Long long story....

Anyhow, love that doily too! WOW!

Nice to see you haven't lost that weirdness we all love. LONG LIVE THE VLA!!!!!!!!