Thursday, August 11, 2005

My Orb Reading

The Unknowable Shrone has felt-up the thaumaturgic Orbs for an insightful reading of LadyLinoleum:

Right Eye: Bedroom Eye
Left Eye: Red Eye
Third Eye: Evil Eye

Your Third Eye being Evil says to me that overall your power and energy is strong, and you're in touch with your inner strength and power. You're very self-motivated and self-directed, and you use your power wisely. The Evil Eye gives you an aura of saucy-ness and some impish qualities that are evident in your creations of the VLA. You're fairly balanced between the powers of Good and Evil.

The Bedroom Eye being in your masculine energy says to me that you are in touch and highly aware of your sexuality, and you aren't afraid to express yourself and get what you want. This eye also contributes to your creativity and silliness.

The Red Eye in your feminine energy makes me think of PMS and irritability, but also feeling tired and fatigued. I think this Eye is about your recent move and how that is affecting you. I get the impression of "comfort food" from this Eye as well.

I believe Lori is endowed the the gift of second sight because this reading is frightening in its accuracy! Go get your orbs read. You will not be sorry.

Other News:
  • VLA Contributions - Yes folks, Killer Korn and the gang will be posting their acquired loot soon in a series of posts. I want to thank everyone who contributed again (you know who you are and soon so will everyone else...muhahahaha). The items the VLA received are nothing short of amazing. Coming soon!
  • Who made the attempt on the lives of our fearless Veggies heroes? This mystery will be unveiled soon.
  • And finally I want to say thank you to my Secret Sistah and Crochetville Autumn Pal for blogstalking and emailing me! Who are you two anyway? The suspense is killing me!!!


Your Secret Sistah said...

Don't look now, but a box of goodies is coming your way!

Heather said...

You saucy wench! LOL What a fun reading.

Jessi said...

Oh your reading was great. I'm waiting for mine. I cannot wait to see the new orbs by the way....