Wednesday, August 17, 2005

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VLA Popularity Poll Results

It seems our lengthy orange buddies came in first with a whopping 5 votes. And don't you think our carnivorous friends deserve this honor what with their recent ordeal? Yessiree!

Poor Creepy Cebolla came in last. Our onion breath laden hero is keeping a stiff upper eyeball though. Hang in there little onion dude! At least ya got two votes!!!

New Poll

Are you tired of seeing freaky crocheted vegetables wreak havoc on the World Wide Web? Maybe a nice scarf or two sans eyeballs is what you crave? Or hey, maybe you enjoy my written musings more than anything? Yeah, right. Anyway, now is your chance to tell me what you want to see on this blog. Go vote. Now. It's your only chance! Not really, but your responses are very helpful. Thank you very much.


kath red said...

mmmm... ages and ages ago I saw on your blog some giant crochet installation art. are you doing any more of that? and i do love your artistic angst ridden musings. i think your vegetables with eyeballs are cool, but what else do you have up your sleeve?

Jessica said...

Hey, I love anything you put up here, Regina! Besides, it's your blog. What do you want to blog about?

Leisel said...

Not fair! I can only choose one.

I love your creatures, and I always like to see more (that's what I voted), but you seem to do that all on your own, without pushing, so really, the site is great just how it is. I still want to make me an eyeball, though, so, if and when you do put up patterns, I'll be rather excited to see them and try them out.

UGH! Looks like the comment spammers have found you. Now, there's a great cause for the VLA to take on.

Jessi said...

I voted. Your blog rocks just the way it is. I love everything you blog about.

Tifffany said...

my fave is all the crazy pics. I come just for those :)

lyn said...

I love it all !
I particularly loved your colostomy bag with the eye-balls and I would LOVE to see how you would customise a wheelchair. My sister-in-law is a wheelchair user and we both agree what a boring article it is.

ladylinoleum said...

Kath - I am going to take better pics of the big stuff. I've not had the room to get good shots of the work before now. We moved. So, yes, stay tuned.

Awww, you guys are just too complimentary. Thank you, thank you, thank you!