Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Dinner and a movie and...

Okay, what's better than dinner and a movie?

Dinner and a movie WITH a cosmopolitan (or two) thank you very much.

And I do not mean dinner with cosmo (I had vino with my dinner). I mean a cosmo sitting beside me in the drink holder attached to my theater seat.

No, my living room does not come equipped with theater seats (although that is a splendid idea). And no, I did not smuggle a vodka-filled flask into the theater to enhance my cinematic experience. Actually this Saturday last, my girlfriend Bea and I, being free of our men-folk, decided to have a girl's night out, which meant dinner at Fabiolus and the 21 and over viewing of Blades of Glory at the ArcLight in Hollywood.

Now, how cool is that?

First, a little background. You see, this City of Angels be a vast metropolis where those of us who live more than a few miles apart must come together in the middle to par-tay. So, Bea drove westerly and I drove easterly until we hit midpoint, Hollywoodus Maximus, where there is normally great Italian food to be had a mere city block from the theater which hosts grown-ups only seating for a few of their weekend showings.

First stop, Fabiolus Cafe! Bea and I stepped through the front entrance to the restaurant at 5:45 pm only to be greeted by restaurant-goers to the rafters (yes, at 5:45!?!?). Soon, the brainiacs that we are led us to determine that there must be a 7:00-ish show of Wicked at the Pantages before which stomachs must be stuffed as is the way of theater-going peeps. Fortunately though, we were granted passage to a table residing on the back patio and settled into a meal that was slightly inconsistent accompanied by a server who seemed severely harried by the crowded midst.

Despite the din, I allotted to begin my Fabiolus feast with a glass of 2003 Mirassou Pinot Noir, a nice elixir sporting a few legs from the Central Coast. Bea, feeling the Italian vibe, indulged in a glass of Chianti. Vino in hands, we then began the unfamiliar-for-Fabiolus-wait-to-place-our-order foisted upon us by our scattered server. Eventually however, he made his way to our table, sweaty and stressed, to accept our dinner selections: gnocchi for Bea and eggplant parmigiana para mia. I didn't ask my girlfriend about her meal, but my entree was as unsurprising in it's range of flavors as it was frigid in the center. Very disappointing and as I've said before, not the norm for this little bistro.

Dinner complete, I wasn't about to let a little breaded yet chilly aubergine turn my festive mood downward for I was off to the cinema-with-snackBAR where cosmopolitan infused laughter was sure to be had. Yep, nothing like vodka and Will Ferrell to invoke the jovial spirits.

So, Blades of Glory??? It was great fun!

No, my terse review is not solely due to imbibing a cosmic duo.

Really, it was an entertaining flick; quintessential Will Ferrell. If you like Mr. Ferrell's brand of comedy, you're sure to enjoy this movie. And Jon Heder? His coif alone was enough to keep me giggling throughout the film.

If you're not knee deep in ham and bunnies this weekend go get dinner and a movie (oh and a cosmo too)!

Happy Friday everybody! Have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend!


Kari said...

You sneaked alcohol into a theater? Your my hero!!!!

ladylinoleum said...

Kari, nope didn't have to sneak it in. The ArcLight Theater has a bar in place of a snackbar outside the theater entrance where they do the 21 and over screenings. How cool is that?

Megan said...

We enjoyed Blades of Glory as well - we saw it last Saturday as part of an impromptu double-feature (as in, it was still early when we got out so we decided to see Meet the Robinsons too). I actually liked Meet the Robinsons better, but Blades of Glory was pretty funny. I love Jenna Fischer!

Rina said...

You almost make me miss LA! The Parkway speakeasy theater in Oakland serves beer, wine, pizza, nachos and buffalo wings. But this sounds oh so chic--movie and cosmos!

rose said...

Oooooooh....the ArcLight! One of the highlights of LA, IMHO. Saw LOTR II there, with the bro & sis-in-law. Will Ferrell? Strictly neutrsl here.

Juliet said...

Blades of Glory is *awesome*
I love Will Farrell and to pair him up with Jon Heder? Could there be anything better? Seriously though!

Sounds like a fun ladies night :) Glad you had fun!
Hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter.

(BTW, I'm a new fan of all your awesome and original crochet work! I wish I could find my originality in crochet somewhere! I get great inspiration from your blog)


Brandy said...

That sounds like the most fabulous weekend ever! Hope you have a wonderful Easter!

Darlene said...

Sounds like a wicked cool evening - and what's better than cosmos & a movie!

I'm taking my son to see this movie - it really does look entertaining!

Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

Oh I do miss a good cosmo but alcohol is on my no-no list. Too bad about the eggplant parm., it's my favorite. But what a great night out for the gals, that's the fun part. I normally don't like crude but didn't stop laughing at Talladega Nights, I'll have to see Blades. Have a wonderful day.

Sally said...

It's 10 a.m. and that cosmo looks good.

I never wanted to visit Los Angeles until I started reading this blog and Crazy Aunt Purl, and now I want to, simply for that fact that there are super cool crocheters and knitters living there, AND you can get a drinky-poo at the theatre.

Truly, life doesn't get much better.

Netter said...

Hi...I'm on a special secret surprise mission for a mutual blogger buddy. If you email me, I'll fill you in. netter.kaster at gmail dot com.

Tandi said...

"This is what a real skater's body looks like. Drink it up."

Saw Blades of Glory opening night. I am a huge fan of his and thought it was great. He and John Heder are perfect together. Too funny.
I laughed through their entire first duet.

Even funnier, I'm sure, under the influence of Cosmos.