Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Yarn for Lunch

I consider myself lucky to live and work in an area perforated by yarn establishments. Makes it mighty easy for me to get a fix on my lunch hour. Anyhoo, a few weeks ago fellow yarn 'ho, stash accumulator and SNB-er, Ellen, asked me if I'd been to Compatto yet.

To which I replied, "Uh, no. What is it?"

Her response went something like this, "Hel-lo, yarn store. Minutes away from your house. Lots of natural fibers like bamboo, silk, alpaca. Nice stuff."

"Hint taken. Toddling thataway as soon as I get a moment. "

Well, my day job got in the way of my plans to purchase more yarn (in person that is...I still bought fiber-age online...yes, I am aware that I have a problem). The last few weeks at the cube farm have been hellish at best, unmitigated torture as standard operating procedure. Really, it's been bad. At any rate, today was the first day I was able to pry myself away from my computer and requisite Lean Cuisine at lunchtime to make a quick dash over to Santa Monica for a visit to Compatto.

Now, I have to say up front that I'm jaded when it comes to yarn establishments. I like an interesting and varied selection of fibers with enough of skeins or hanks of each colorway to make an item larger than a potholder. And when I use terms such as "interesting" and "varied", I am not talking novelty yarn. I hate that stuff. I know lots of people like it, but I don't. However, I completely appreciate the fact that lots of people love it and I happily relinquish my share of that fuzzy, glittery, hairy, shaggy, blitz and bling to those of you who dig it.

What was I saying?

Oh yeah, interesting and varied. Compatto has both. A wonderful sampling of natural fibers running the gamut from beautiful hand-painted silks and wools to sleek and shiny cottons. Oh, and don't forget the corn and bamboo! They also have a nice selection of Jordana Paige bags and a smattering of books, needles and vintage buttons. Also, the store itself is quite welcoming and comfortable. It's small, but nonetheless a worthwhile stop for any self-respecting yarn addict.

You know I didn't leave empty handed either. My rule is buy at least 800 yards or spend $100, whichever comes first. Today, I sufficiently held to the 800 yard minimum. Hey, like I said prior, I know I have a problem.

Compatto Yarn Salon
2112 Wilshire Blvd.(between 21st St. & 22nd St.)
Santa Monica, CA 90403
Phone: 310.453.2130
Fax: 310.453.2134

Hours: Tues through Friday 11-7
Saturday 10-5Sunday 12-5
Closed: Mondays


Ellen Bloom said...

So glad you liked Compatto! I wish I'd known you were there. I would have bopped over on my lunch hour to ogle your purchases....next time.

shula said...

Right with you on the novelty.

I can't even work out what people use them for.

Emily said...

I grew up in Santa Monica and your blog is making me homesick -- I don't know when I'll next be back, but I hope to be able to check out Compatto.

Madge said...

And have you checked out the bag sale at Black Sheep Knittery?!

It's your duty to go there asap. Because your 800 yd. minimum, easily accomplished. And at 50% off, no less.

Happy weekend, chica.