Monday, July 16, 2007

Manchester: The Highlights

So, I'm back...for a day anyway. I hop another plane tomorrow. This time I'm bound for Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Expect posts from "rodeo country" the rest of the week.

Yeah, my life is just so jet set right now. Jet set with a suitcase full of dirty undies. I know, how glam!

Anyhoo, back to the goings on in New Hampshire...

Yarn, Hooks and Rock n' Roll

I have to say that last week as a whole is a blur. I took so many great classes and workshops that it makes my head spin to think back on the experience. Also, an aspect of this trip that I've only just touched on thus far, and definitely deserves more attention than I've given it, is the fact that I spent the entire week sharing this creative travel extravaganza with my mom and daughter. We three took many classes together, shared our daily meals and partook in a bit of collaborative geographic discovery. It just doesn't get much better than this!

Nonetheless, throughout the trip I would check-in with my two familial traveling companions because, let's face it, I was in the yarn zone, which is about as close to heaven on earth as I'm ever going get, and some people just don't zone out the way I tend to. So, I took regular "sound checks".

Everyone having fun?


Everyone excited about learning new stuff?


Everyone have room in their luggage to accommodate the amount of yarn we are purchasing?

You bet, it squishes down!

Okay, good. Just making sure that we're all on the same page...

We three yarnateers took some amazing classes together. There was of course Tunisian Crochet with Darla Fanton, Embellishments with Colleen Davis and Menopause Fairies with my extraordinarily talented friend, Noreen Crone-Findlay (Lena concentrated on making a PMS teen fairy for this class, which is pretty much the same thing sans hot flashes). In addition, when I was going solo and absorbing my various design workshops, Lena and Mom took a few crochet technique courses. They both told me that they enjoyed these classes together immensely.

Also of note this trip was the fact that my daughter was, I believe, one of the youngest, if not THE youngest, participants taking classes. Let me tell you all, Little Linoleum was unstoppable, picking up techniques faster than I could shake a hook at. In Colleen Davis' Embellishments class, which was primarily knitting-centric, Lena's level of creative exploration was neither quelled by the fact that knitting was the name of the game, nor did it have any effect on her ability to complete the class exercises. (Lena is primarily a crocheter you see.) While we worked, I quickly translated the various motif knitting instructions for her into crochet and she was off, whipping out beautiful leaves and flowers faster than most of the adults in the class could turn out. Her crab stitch edgings were perfection from the first stitch and she made piles of lovely flowers edged with picot. The kid is definitely a talent to stop and take notice of. Yes, I am very proud!

Meet n' Greets

So, days filled with yarn meant nights free to soak up the local color, so to speak. We had much fun exploring the area, having a chance to meet up with a few native artsy and craftsy bloggers native to this New England region. Boston with Deb and Maryse and Rochester with Susan!

What a treat!

You know when you meet people and the conversation just seems to flow? No awkward silences or looking at your watch? Yeah well this is how it is/was with these three amazing women!

You already heard about Boston so I'll spare you the replay, but I've yet to tell you about our visit with Susan! In a word? Lovely.

We three yarnateers were fortunate enough to be in New Hampshire for the opening of Summer Splendor at Artstream Studios. The show is beautiful as is the space in which it is installed. Oh, and the owner? Just awesome!

I don't know how Susan and I found one another on the world wide web, but it was definitely kismet. That's for sure. She's a wonderful painter, a really astute gallerist and just an all around amazing individual. Oh, and her husband and children are pretty darn sweet too. I'm so happy I was able to meet this woman!

And I agree Susan. We will need more time on our next visit!


Last week can only be characterized as a full slate. However, in addition to all of the above, I may have also opened up a dialog between a major publisher of craft books and Monster Crochet. Since meeting the Director of New Publications for said company on Friday and Saturday, we have since exchanged emails, a good sign.

Keep yer digits crossed...

Next stop, Wyoming!


Deneen said...

Of course there is open dialogue with you and a major publisher, did you expect anything less?

Have a fun time!

Sharon said...

Sounds like you're having a blast. Enjoy rodeo-ville. And good luck with the publisher thingie! Keeping all crossables crossed for you!

Batty said...

What a great time! The yarn question was a bit superfluous, though. Crocheters and knitters will always find ways to accommodate more yarn. Even if it means buying a bra 2 cup sizes too big so it'll fit 2 skeins (4 if it's mohair), get clothes in at least 2 sizes larger than normal because the pockets are bigger, or even if it means leaving half the store-bought clothes you came with behind. And yes, that's perfectly normal! : )

Good luck with the publisher talks, and have fun!

susan said...

i blush in your general direction! it was SO wonderful to meet you all and we will most surely meet again. kismet it is, lucky us!
p.s. with all that squishing down, i can imagine the force of opening your luggage in l.a!

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Awwwwwwwwwww, hell. I need both a menopause AND a PMS fairy. PUH-LEEEZE?!?!?!!!

Oh, and also? Yarn does well when sent on ahead by fedex. :) I'm just sayin'.

Molly said...

Sounds like you had a great time! I will be anxiously waiting to see what you make with the new techniques.

And when in Lena coming to the Thursday SnB to show off her talents?

Micky said...

I am such a child. The whole time I was reading this entry, that little voice kept saying:
"HeHe, you said hole!"
Yea, I think I watched too much Beavis and Butthead.
Glad you are having such a blast.
I love your heart swatch.

Marietta said...

break a leg! with the publishers - i will keep my severed (sp?) crocheted digits crossed for you - sounds like you had a fabulous time

Andy's Crafts said...

DOn't stop the Fun. Definitely keep us updated of your travellings and yarn shopping. Was the yarn The same? Is it better over there? Did you bring samples for me? lol!

Noreen Crone-Findlay said...

Hallo Regina!
It was great fun having you, and your daughter and Mom in the Menopause Fairy workshop. I cracked up when you were clearly going to be using a skull for the face of your Menopause fairy. That really floored one lady...... I hope she has recovered!
Hope to meet you again some day!
Noreen and

Nancy said...

Sounds like trips with your mom are a whole lot more fun than trips with my mom. Can we switch for a bit??