Saturday, May 14, 2005

Belated Tattoo Friday Pic & Ode to David Spade

Okay it is! Even if it is late, this bovine still graces my lower backside!

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Satisfies the "Flash Your Tattoo Friday" from Three Olives and Some Yarn.

On another note, I will be 36 years old this week. Yes, I am 36 years old and I have a big tattoo of a bull. Be nice people!

Anyway, I celebrated my birthday with my mom, husband AND beautiful daughter Magdalena (12 years old) at one of my favorite restaurants, Woo Lae Oak in Beverly Hills. My child loves it there because she gets to cook her $18 chicken breast cut up into very palatable pieces in the center of the table (and she has to cook every little morsel herself WITHOUT the help of any adult). Korean barbecue rocks people, even the overpriced Beverly Hills variety!

At any rate, my husband, mother and I were talking (and drinking a fabulous bottle of Chardonnay accompanied by tons o' appetizers) while my pre-teen starts to have adolescent convulsions next to me due to the fact that David Spade is just seated a couple of booths down from us. She was totally cute! which point she begins to mention all the play by play of EVERY episode of "Just Shoot Me" she has ever watched as well as the artistic merits of the movie "Joe Dirt". Are you getting this picture? The child is obsessed. So my husband (also an actor) says to her, go up and introduce yourself. She says, "No, no, no, I am too embarrassed, but did you know what I love about the movie, 'Dickie Roberts: Child Star'?"

Once again, we say to her, you're a kid, you can get away with going up to someone famous, gushing all over them and NOT LOOK LIKE A STALKER. Do it. Do it. Do it! So, my progeny, sporting a fushia fur poncho and fabulous Converse sneakers with flames marches up to his table, tells him she thinks he wonderful and asks for his autograph. The guy was totally gracious and signed the back of her business card from a local beauty supply shop (c'mon people, I don't carry autograph books in my purse)!

Can we all say that we think David Spade rocks!

Here is my beautiful child...this girl is PRICELESS!

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Ro said...

OMG, Regina she is beeeyootiful! I LOVE David Spade! My daughter is always quoting from his Capitol One commercials "Maybe you can go play some KeNO at the CasiNO!" LOL

Myself, it's Kuzko that gets me. My child and I can quote every line he had in The Emperor's New Groove. Mini Me has been known to quote "Trot out the ladies!" at the most hilarious moments, comedically speaking. She has the timing down.

Does your daughter have the pink converse shoes? Cause I have been wearing mine EVERYWHERE this year and me, who never wore shoes and a purse that match in my life unless everything was in black now match because I had to have pink to go with the shoes! I actually bought a second pair to put away for later.

My birthday is this coming week too! Happy 36th...if I could think of a gift worthy enough of your coolness I would send you something...but alas, anything I could make would pale in comparsion to your artistry! So I bow humbly and prostrate myself to your superior crochet-itude! Rock on girl, rock on!


Deneen said...

Your daughter is absolutely beautiful! I want to squeeze her cheeks (I'm sure she's used to that comment and hates it).

~drew emborsky~ said...

What a great birthday! Someday I'll have to tell you about dying from SARS in Guadalajara and how Joe Dirt was the only thing on t.v. in the hotel the entire weekend. I contribute my survival to David Spade... and hey, he designs nice purses.

MomThatsNuts said...

COOL brush with fame!!! She must have been if she ever meets Kiefer Sutherland, I have some very specific instructions for her....


LadyLinoleum said...

Ro, my child has converse in ALL the colors. It's ridiculous, yet cute. The kiddies are awesome.

Hey, happy birthday to you too! Mine's on the 18th, how about you?

Deneen, Lena (daughter extraordinaire) actually told me the other day that her cheeks look much better now that they are shrinking! How funny is that?

Drew, SARS in Guadalajara???? Splain.

Mom, betcha I know who you're watching on TV tonight....

ThreeOliveMartini said...

great tat girl.. i dont know how i missed it !!