Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Chicken Nugget

Here's the newest edition to my nekked chicken family:

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Copyright 2005 Regina Rioux Gonzalez. All Rights Reserved.

This bathing beauty is just two inches in height! Yep, got right down to it with size 8 DMC pearl cotton and my little hook (size 0).

I seem to be crocheting small things lately. Last year everything was life-size and WAY larger than life-size (i.e., the squid). There is no more room in our small abode to store large pieces. However, we are moving to a much larger home in a few months so maybe I will make some more huge pieces. For now though, this is working for me.


Anonymous said...

I can just imagine you having your own room to display some of your creations. The chicken is just wonderful but where are her bottoms???!!! LOL!

~drew emborsky~ said...

Your blog makes me hungry!

I can't imagine crocheting with a hook that small. Next time I'm in LaLa-land you'll have to give me a lesson. ;)

LadyLinoleum said...

Sheila - I thought about adding bottoms...maybe I will make her an egg bikini bottom tonight!

Drew - I will happy to give you a lesson. Anytime!

Anonymous said...

Oh my god. This is probably THE COOLEST THING I have ever seen!!!!!!

You have no idea how much I'm in love with you right now. Wait until I show this to my mom!! Sh'es going to be thrilled that I can't crochet!!

Anonymous said...

Hi mom it's me Lena I'm in love with your chicken. I loved it so much I printed a picture of it. I'll us it in my pictures of my favorite bands and i'll will put your picture in the middle.