Sunday, May 29, 2005


I love mail. Now the mail that I speak of is not of the electronic variety (though I do love email, but Scottie the postal officer cannot beam packages over to my pad via this method, yet, and for an internet shopping queen such as myself email cannot provide me my fix), but the good ole fashion snail mail variety which appears in my mailbox (or strewn below due to my postal worker- see below)in the rain, sleet, snow (okay, so not in West Los Angeles, but occasionally it hails here) to my home. Please note that for a few years I didn't love to get mail. Getting mail was a very stressful situation which left me always wondering where the heck my Netflix DVD's had wandered, why my books never seemed to arrive at my door and who knows what else went missing. For a few years getting mail at home was just another notch on my "things to be very neurotic over" belt.

First and foremost our postal technician could be described as (i) not very content with his employ, or (ii) not very content with his client-base, or (iii) just down-right mean. for example, if my husband or I happened to arrive home while he was processing his delivery and (God forbid) offered to take our mail in before he placed it in the box (or threw it below the box because it did not fit) he would proceed to YELL (yes, YELL) at us exclaiming that we are just going to have to wait until he has filled our box or littered the space below our box with our mail and then after he departs, AND ONLY THEN, may we retrieve the mail from our box. Sounds a bit like a drug deal, eh? The guy is in a word, cuckoo. Apparently, walking around in the wonderfully breezy, sunny, beachfront adjacent community of West Los Angeles has not really rocked his world. Combine crazy postal worker with my second HUGE complaint, many, many missing packages, and as a result you get me, sprinting to our local UPS store plunking down fistfuls of cash in the hopes that my postal pains will become memory. And so it goes.

So, I love to get mail again!

Here is what I have received in the last couple of weeks:

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Okay, the crown and the wand I received at work from a wonderful co-worker in our Chicago office. She was obviously acknowledging and paying tribute to my head peon status at the investment bank I toil at each day.

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My flopsaber! Wooohooo! Made by the wonderful and talented Ro. I am so delighted with my flobsaber that I almost wish I still received mail at my home so that I could then do battle with the evil postal worker and show the guy who's boss. Well, almost. Nonetheless, I LOVE my flopsaber and the wonderful, amazing Ro!

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Okay, these paintings were hand-delivered, but they deserve a mention because I have been trying to get my best friend Bea to "gift" them to me for a least a year (possibly more). Bea is an amazing painter, my best friend and the voice of reason in my life for the last ten years. Bea, can you believe we have known one another for ten years???? We're old now.

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More crocheted items to "customize". Now, an explanation for the uninitiated, most of the time I crochet my monstrous creations from scratch, but sometimes I find stuff on eBay that calls out to be, well, customized. Take these fruity potholders, for example. I believe that if made bionic (i.e., add some eyeballs, possibly some limbs and maybe a few weapons) they would cease to be potholders and become "The Apple Corps (get it - apple core, he, he, he) defending the fruity galaxy! (A mind is a terrible thing to waste people, so I dream a little every now and then!)

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More potholders to customize. Notice the chicken? I luv the chickens...

Other items received in the mail this month:
  1. Moola - oh yeah, money for my birthday!
  2. Lots of yarn - as Deneen says it's been a "yarngasm" kinda couple of weeks!
  3. More junk from eBay including a crocheted ladybug keychain and more yarn (I know what you're thinking, I have a problem with this yarn consumption thing).
  4. More stuff that I cannot remember right now.

Mail rocks, even if it is delivered by an irate postal worker!

Oh, I have a poll on the sidebar asking what kind of holiday creatures you would like to see me create. Please vote! I need help!


Kimberly said...

Glad to hear that I am not the only one that the US postal service has a grudge against and manages to 'misplace' a large majority of packages! Oh yeah - keep your flopsaber handy for the private delivery guys too - I believe that they drink beers after work with the postal workers and share the names of people on their "we will lose your mail" lists!

Deneen said...

My post office is absolutely positively wonderful. The guys that work there are so nice and even if my maillady is a bit slow, she still delivers my stuff with a smile. I adore getting fun mail!

I'm waiting for some eBay thread myself and can't wait!

You had a yarngasmic, fun mail week!!!

Contemporary Southwestern Artist said...

I think you have the guy that used to substitute mail carrier on my block. Maybe it was a woman, I thought the person was PM at the time.

Either way, could be the same person, it's hard to tell these days.

My mail carriers love me. Cuz I'm so sweet. LOL