Thursday, May 19, 2005

Stitch N' Bitch and Errata

Well, just got in from the West Hollywood Stitch N' Bitch. This is my second meeting and I just LOVE IT THERE and I LOVE EVERYONE THERE. What a great group! We meet at Farmer's Market in WeHo and we (well, I) drink wine and knit and crochet and talk and talk and talk! It's fabulous! I finished the serape for Ro's churro tonight WITHOUT spilling any merlot on it, thank you very much. I am a veteran crocheting drinker (this needs to be proclaimed on a t-shirt or button or something). Alas, I digress.

I talked so much at SNB that I didn't get to work on my Month of Softies submission. This month the theme is flowers. Now you all know by now that I cannot do a traditional flower so my flora contribution is just a bit twisted. Hopefully I will be able to finish it this weekend and put up some pics. For now I will leave you swathed in an air of mystery.

I was able to spend lots of time talking to Laurie tonight! That was a treat! Last week, I was so overwhelmed with the whole SNB experience I didn't get to really talk with her and pretty much she and Ellen (LA Ell) were the ones who urged me to join them. Anyway, Laurie and Ellen and Karyn and Lori and Faith (ole' college bud) and Crystal and Tammy and if I missed anyone I am so sorry, you all rock! Everyone should run to their neighborhood SNB and crochet, knit, drink, talk....Whatever! Just go and have fun!

Now onto the other stuff...The pic below shall be credited as the genesis of my obsession with pirates. I crocheted this lovely pegleg while living in the Middle East (oh yeah, I lived in the Arabian desert - that is another chapter *read novella* for another time). In fact I am/was so obsessed with pirates a dear, dear friend composed a song about this phase in my life. Here is but a snippet:

"She steals your soul with a killer smile.... abandons your heart and twists your mind you fall for an angel, a woman so kind she's the rainbow you had never seen, she is but a L.A. Queen" (Lyrics by King Sam I)

Okay, I don't get it either, but it's kinda cute!

Now, for the pegleg:

Image hosted by
Copyright 2005 Regina Rioux Gonzalez. All rights reserved.

So, it's a little phallic! Get your minds outta the gutter people!


MomThatsNuts said...

LOL@ so its a little a little?? my mind LOVES the gutter Im afraid!! OK so here is the part that I am curious about with you and Olive and all the other crochet you make up your OWN patterns?? I just cant do that. I can follow a pattern to the T...but cant think it up on my own. I am so jealous~~ my mother actually dated a man with a wooden leg when i was around 10. He didnt have a peg,,but it had a hole in it and we used to pull the cork out and peer into it, I dont know what we thought we would see.....


Catana said...

I've been thinking about doing my first Month of Softies entry and want to create something fairly strange. But I doubt I could possibly come up with something as funny and twisted as your critters.

~drew emborsky~ said...

seriously... a LITTLE? LOL we know what you were thinking of during those loooong and HOT desert days in Arabia!

Thanks to you and Laurie I went to my local S&B last night. I'm on my way to blog about it now. I would never have gone if y'all hadn't encouraged me!

I can't wait to see the Ladylinoleum version of a flower! I'm imagining a Mum holding a wire coat hanger.... Mummy Dearest!

LadyLinoleum said...

Just a little phallic...e'hem. In fact the peg is like 14" long...LOL!

Anyway, I crocheted this lovely entry with DMC pearl cotton 8 and a 0 steel hook. And yes, I make my own patterns, but let me tell ya a secret: I just start to crochet and write down each row after I've crocheted it not vice versa.

I approach crochet like any sculpture. I can see it in my head before attempting it. I just use basic stitches, mostly sc and slp st combined with inc and dec. That's it. I don't try to complicate form with pattern. I use color to embellish the sculptural form. If you know the basics and you have made garments, you literally can crochet ANYTHING. Experiment, start small. Make a shape like a sphere, a square, a triangle. If you can make these shapes you can elaborate them into something more complex. Really, it is easy and I am here to cheer you on or offer any help!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Your site, your skill and your sense of humor are all fabulous. I am so happy you left a comment so that I could find it. Great stuff.

Anonymous said...

You are a delight at our WeHo SnB. You are sooooo creative! It's wonderful to see someone crocheting something other than a scarf!!! Keep up the inventive and imaginative artwork.

L.A. Ell

Anonymous said...

Hey Re, your nana would be proud of(if not a little bewildered at) the creativity you have and the level to which you have taken the skill she so lovingly taught you as a little one.