Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Evolution of the Doll - Djinn

18 Months
2 Gallery Shows
And A Gazillion Bottles Of Wine...
Evolution of the Doll!

This week's doll star is...Djinn!

Base Artist: Stacy

Artist Background: Ceramicist. Stacy is a wonderfully talented craftswoman. Her work is truly a gift to behold. She now lives in Hawaii and we all miss her contribution and companionship greatly. Stacy, come back to LA!

Base Round: In the beginning there was a gorgeous hunk of clay...

Round One: Young

Evolutionary Change: Body art.

Round Two: Stevie

Evolutionary Change: A little reminiscent of MC Hammer, but fabulous nonetheless...Pantaloons!

Round Three: Janet

Evolutionary Change: Hand-beaded vest with hand-made glass ornament...Janet isn't trying to show anyone up with her amazing skills. No, not at all.


Round Four: Bea

Evolutionary Change: Display case fit for, err, Djinn...For a painter Bea, you can really work that wood girl!

Round Five: Jonna

Evolutionary Change: Finally, a pair of arms! Lovin' the Liberace-esque fabric.

Round Six: LadyLinoleum

Evolutionary Change: Chapeau with a decidedly Sherpa bent.

Round Seven: Bee

Evolutionary Change: What would any self-respecting Djinn do without a wand?

Round Eight: Dyane

Evolutionary Change: Light it up!

Round Nine: Stephanie

Evolutionary Change: Pendant.

Round Ten: Laurel

Evolutionary Change: Arachnid.

Gallery View:

Evolution of the Doll!

Only three dollies left folks...


Nancy said...


I like the clothes on this one. I like shiny things...

I'd love to see the whole collection in person.

Unknown said...

I love it! This may be my favorite.. oh wait I think I said that about the last one.
Love the hat.

Soulknitting said...

Wow!! Love this doll!! Increible!!

Anonymous said...

What an amazing project. I love the collaberation of it all.

Anonymous said...

She's a real beauty!

Jessica said...

Wow. She's beautiful. I especially like the tats and the spider. And the hat, of course. :)