Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Evolution Of The Doll - Paperdoll

13 Artists
13 Dolls
18 Months
2 Gallery Shows
And A Gazillion Bottles Of Wine...
Evolution of the Doll!

This week's doll star is...Paperdoll!

Base Artist: Lena

Artist Background: Lots to say about this creative prodigy as she is my one and only child afterall. I am incredibly proud of her and find great pleasure in being her mom. Lena has been fully submerged into the art world, the process of making art, showing art, living-eating-sleeping-breathing art since birth and she's taken to this lifestyle like a fish to water. Lena is able to speak to anyone, and very intelligently I might add, about any work of art she comes across and knows more about the commitment to the process of art-making than most BFA students out there. She is truly an articulate, creative, beautiful and amazing young woman. Did I say that I am incredibly proud to be her mother? LOL

From the moment Lena spied me crafting my doll base for this project her interest in doll- making was immediately peaked and she gave me not a moment's rest until I acquiesced and allowed her to join our then infant art collaboration. I figured I would have to sell a 10 year-old's membership to our very adult consortium. However, these women, my friends and colleagues, had known Lena and her capabilities since our stint in grad school (she was only two years-old when I began my MFA program) as she accompanied me to my classes and studio much of the time. In fact, it was decided that Lena would be considered a full-fledged member of the group and treated as any other artist in our collaboration for as long as her then decade-old temperament could endure it. And endure it she did with little prodding from me to get her monthly doll assignment done. Did I tell you yet how proud I am of this amazing child?

Base Round: Lena drew the image of her doll on salvaged cardboard, I cut it out for her on the scroll saw, she then painted the form. Her doll is quite lovely, don't you think?

Round One: Jonna

Evolutionary Change: The Centaur and the Siren...sounds like a romance novel.


Round Two: Stacy

Evolutionary Change: Shell bra and embellishments, taking this romance novel inspired heroine down to a PG-13 rating.

Round Three: Laurel

Evolutionary Change: Accessorizing is definitely the key to this dual-persona's lifestyle requirements.

Round Four: Janet

Evolutionary Change: A girl's gotta eat! Fishnet anyone? Check out this crocheted wire wonder...
Janet also crafted this dolly's necklace which can be seen in the Round Six pics.

Round Five: Bea

Evolutionary Change: Fresh catch...definitely time to entertain!

Round Six: Dyane

Evolutionary Change: Animal companionship. Who needs a dog when one has access to a pet bird and jellyfish...

Round Seven: LadyLinoleum

Evolutionary Change: Weather strip the gal! Shells just don't provide enough insulation for those cold nights on the sea or in the stable for that matter.


Round Eight: Young

Evolutionary Change: A journal for her memoirs. C'mon, she's paper, 1/3 horse, 1/3 fish, 1/3 human and likes to entertain. Who wouldn't want to read about her adventures?

Round Nine: Bee

Evolutionary Change: Will fan dance for food...

Round Ten: Stephanie

Evolutionary Change: Creature comforts = dressform for the dressing room.

All together now!

Gallery View:

Evolution of the Doll!

Counting down...5 more delectable dollies to go!


Nancy said...

She looks like she'd be fun to play with... and accessorize more.

Makes me want to be 9 and 10 and creative with paper again!

Kimberly said...

What a great outcome....would have to be with such a great beginning!

I am so enjoying viewing/reading about the evolution of the dolls!

Jessica said...

Wonderful! I love the colors and the ... whimsy of this one!

Stephknits3 said...


kath red said...

i love all the iterations - the mermaid - then fan - then mexican hat dancer thing -

Heather Cox said...

Oh this might be my favorite, I love the mermaid tail! :) BTW I'm working on the eyeball. I had a hard time finding thread and had to substitute. I'll email you next week after it's done, ok?

~drew emborsky~ said...

The apple sure doesn't fall far from the tree....