Sunday, October 23, 2005


I am the very cheerful receiver of gifts from locales near and far...

First up, Elspeth Elizabeth! Elspeth set out from her country of origin and the only home she knew to travel across the Atlantic to the United States eventually reaching my home in Los Angeles. Looking splendid in her lavender, plum and tangerine garb, Elspeth gracefully sprung from the confines of her cardboard travel coach and took stock of her new digs.

She asked me to give her a boost to the top of my yarn empire (read cabinet) so that she could survey her new home. And there she remains, writing poetry and calling out to me to refresh her supply of sherbet lemon sweets. A request I do indulge.

Elspeth Elizabeth is handcrafted by none other than Jane over at Yarnstorm. If you're not familiar with her lovely ladies then you've been missing out. Not only are they a visual wonder to behold, but Jane has concocted amazing stories for each one. If you've not done so already, you may read about Elspeth here.

Thank you Jane! I love Elspeth (and I do believe she feels affection toward me as well)...Onward!

Secret Sistah revealed...Again!

I knew from package one who my Secret Sistah was for we inhabit the same wacky world in many respects. Call it intuition. Call it creative connection. But yes, I knew my Secret Sistah to be none other than the Mother of all Shrones...Lori! And just look at what the High Empress of Shrones ordered the USPS to bestow unto moi...

Skellies and eyeballs and yarn, oh my! Creepy Cebolla made off with the bag of Funyuns directly following this photo shoot.

Does this woman know what I like or what?

Question. Do you believe that eyeball lights would be too much as year round decor? Hmmm...

Thank you Lori! You are near and dear to my heart woman.

And last, but certainly not least I received my Back-Tack II bag from my partner. All I can say is girl, you definitely did your homework! Not only did my wonderful partner over at Finny Knits create this lovely chicken bag (yes, I said chicken bag) for me, but she filled it up with enough embroidery paraphenalia to get any novice such as myself started.

My new chicken bag completes my Poultry-inspired Halloween garb for this year and it's also just amazing, don't you think? I love it! Thank you so much Finny Knits!

In closing I just wanted to say that craft bloggers are the most amazing group of people in the entire world. Thank you all so much for swapping with me, looking my wacky junkola every week, leaving so many wonderful comments and finally, for allowing me to be a member of this very intriguing, smart and creative group. Smooches all around!


noricum said...

Wow... Elspeth is amazing, and even her story is a work of art. I love your chicken bag too. :) (Too bad I won't be able to get your socks to you by Halloween.)

Are the eyeball lights outdoor safe? They'd make great year-round patio lights.

Anonymous said...

I love Yarnstorm, I've been reading it for a while now and I think that Jane's dolls are just wonderful.

I think that eyeball lights are perfectly OK to use year round - but then our house tends to look like Halloween all the time.

none said...

The chicken bag is great! How creative and she was very attentive to you. :)

The Shrone said...

Oh, I have to tell you the story of the eyeball lights! I was truly "on a mission from God" to steal a line from The Blues Brothers!

I was coming home late from somewhere, and things were going wonky, yet I decided to stop and see if I could find a Walgreens where the lights were being sold. They didn't have any in stock, but the gal was kind and said she'd call the other store.

Sure enough they had some, but they would be closing in 10 minutes! So I raced for my life (because I seldom get to a Walgreens since both are about 30 mi from home) and I get there just in the nick of time!

I'm so flushed from my adventure I'm huffying at the nice young man checks me out, so I figure why the excitement about buying eyeball lights. I tell him I have a dear friend who loves Halloween and is especially fond of eyeballs!

I think I creeped him out, but hey! It's the truth! I even said I was on a "mission"!

Deneen said...

Elspeth is amazing, as is your chicken bag. Is that an UGLY doll up on your cabinet? My HH does the retirement plan for the creators of the UGLY and yes, we have a few here too. Big write up in our paper about them the other day.

You have an amazing array of friends/craft bloggers!

kath red said...

oh wonderful - all the goodies. and i love getting a glimpse at your studio/craft space.

Anonymous said...

Are you lucky or what? I had no idea Elspeth was so tall, and those eyeball lights, and you are just turning into the High Priestess of Decorative Poultry. Like I said, lucky!

Anonymous said...

I saw those eyeball lights!!! I totally thought of how perfect they'd be for you! Lol. The chicken bag really rocks, as does Elsbeth. Great giftie weekend for you huh? I put the pics of the eyeball on my blog, got a few compliments! Will be making more, thanks for letting me test :)

Micky said...

Yummy Funyuns. You can't go wrong with those. One of my fav snacks is a bag of Funyuns and a bag of Munchos.
1. *Eat a Funyun
2. Eat a Muncho
3. Repeat from * as many times as it takes to finish off both bags.
I don't do that often but when I do yum.
I don't think eyeball lights year-round would be too much. Go for it.