Thursday, October 20, 2005

Evolution Of The Doll - Siren

13 Artists
13 Dolls
18 Months
2 Gallery Shows
And A Gazillion Bottles Of Wine...

Evolution of the Doll!

This week's doll star is...Siren!

Base Artist: Ladyolus Linolimus (my Latin name), Regina (also my Latin name), or your Monster Crochet hostess with the mostess.

Artist Background: There are seven months worth of blog posts for you to peruse should you need a LadyLinoleum refresher course.

Base Round: Beautifully handcrafted (if I do say so myself since I did the handy crafting) from recycled cardboard, this shapely damsel is masked and ready to "become" herself.

Round One: Laurel

Evolutionary Change: Using Laurel's words, "Oh, I just carved some feet..." Yeah, like we all can whittle up a pair of amazing wooden feet (talons really) at a moment's notice. I know that's in my current skillset...Not.

In addition to the wooden talons, this sculptor extraordinaire also added the legs which employ more cardboard in addition to feathers and steel rods.

Do you think Laurel was channeling my inner-poultry self while working on this doll???

Round Two: Jonna

Evolutionary Change: Wings of course. And they flap! Jonna also added a tail for balance.

Round Three: Young

Evolutionary Change: Pasties! Oh, and some flora round the hips.

Round Four: Stacy

Evolutionary Change: Face and quills applied with Ouch! Or maybe, ooooh! Depending upon your perspective.

Round Five: Janet

Evolutionary Change: Baby on board...Wait make that three babies on board (see itsy bitsy glass nest and eggs below).

In the words of Janet, "Ted left a feather in my bed." I'll say!

Round Six: Bea

Evolutionary Change: Backdrop.

Round Seven: Dyane

Evolutionary Change: Now, back to Ted...Who knocked this stylish chick (pun intended) up? Could it have been Ted Kennedy (nope, too pickled), Teddy Roosevelt (um, too dead), Ted Knight (also too dead), Ted Kaczynski (um, too unabomber)? No, it has to be Ted Nugent...Still trying to figure out the attraction there. Nonetheless, our gal has portraits of all her Ted's, past and present, adorning her walls.

Please note that Dyane also included a spotlight for our damsel's home recitations of her "Ode to Ted" poems of which there are many.

Round Eight: Bee

Evolutionary Change: A veil (inspired by all the Ted's) for her shotgun wedding.

Round Nine: Stevie

Evolutionary Change: A cozy little home fit for a Siren complete with cliffs and water...also good for calling out to more men named Ted passing by on ships.

Round Ten: Stephanie

Evolutionary Change: One of the Ted's sprung for a nest...Child support.

Gallery View:
Evolution of the Doll!
Four more to go peeps...
I wanted to thank everyone for their comments about Turkeyzilla, The Tote Bag. I am overwhelmed. You guys are wonderful!


Jessica said...

She's beautiful! Except for that Ted Nugent fetish. That's just creepy. :)

Unknown said...

OK The fact Ted Nugent was mentioned here makes me want to say this:
"The beast is dead love live the beast"
(Those who don't reckognize that probably dont watch his hunting show :P )
I also have to say ooooooh red wax!

Unknown said...

grr I hate mistyping somehting, should be long live the beast ... hmmm fruedian slip?

~drew emborsky~ said...

I want to know how hard it was to let go of your original doll and let it evolve at the hands of other artists? That to me is the most amazing part of this doll series.

Ellen Bloom said...

I don't know what Our Lady of Linoleum would say, Drew and Tara, but for me, Art is meant to be shared and changed. Give it away! Look at the fabulous things that happen when artists collaborate. Love the latest doll, Regina!!!

MomThatsNuts said...

Your imagination is never ending! Its amazing..I cant believe it...I love your stuff.


Heather Cox said...

Oh! I think THIS one is my favorite. :)