Monday, March 03, 2008

Marching into Spring...

...with a duel-handled blade!

My newest toy, the mezzaluna.

Yep, I spent my Saturday immersed in craft and the culinary arts as well as in search of the perfect materials suitable for both activities. After a mid a.m. Saturday morning coiffing, I was joined by my girl Jenna for some shopping just south of our usual stomping grounds.

First stop was Melt Down where grilled cheese is king, or queen, depending upon your preference. Ah yes, nothing like beginning a shopping binge tanked up on melty, cheesy goodness.

At any rate, upon first glance, the menu was pushing and prodding me toward ordering one of the sweet melts. I mean who doesn’t want a hot and delicious brie and apricot sandy on grilled walnut bread? (Note to self, have to order that one when next gracing the doorstep of cheesy pavilion.) However, upon full perusal of menu offerings, I ended up ordering this sodium enriched wonder, the Italian Deli melt. Yeah, yeah, I know! Not good for the chick with the lofty blood pressure. Whatever. It. Was. Good. Crunchy grilled focaccia, slathered with balsamic and olive oil, cradling layers of thinly sliced cured meats and spongy fresh mozzarella. Hot and savory. Oh, and just in case you were wondering, Jenna seemed to equally enjoy her appropriately named sandy, the L.A. Chick.

Tummies full, we were off to our first shop stop, Surfas, the “Chef’s Paradise”.

Oh. My. God.

I really had to restrain myself! I was walking around the place, glassy-eyed, wallet at the ready, feeling the overwhelming need to purchase huge vats of gold and silver sprinkles for the millions of disco ball sugar cookies I was planning to make upon my immediate return to my own humble kitchen. Really, it was scary. I don’t know what came over me while traversing the isles containing miles of culinary treasures. It was like a spell had overtaken me the minute I stepped foot inside the building. Literally, I was planning my graduation party from culinary school by the time I had made it to the register to purchase my wares. Oh yeah, it was THAT bad.

Needless to say, I showed a modicum of restraint and left the building with only one bag in tow containing a nifty mezzaluna (always wanted one), a glass condiment jar with flip-top lid for my stovetop stock of kosher salt, a small stack of flexible cutting boards, oh, and, um, a 1 lb. jar of gold sprinkles. Hey, I don’t see any reason to deprive my sugar cookies of their much deserved bling. So there.

Our final stop for the afternoon took me to my primary shopping danger zone…yarn AND roving. Culinary, schmulinary! This is my true downfall. However, I felt that Jenna really needed to be introduced to one of our most beloved Westside yarn haunts, A Mano Yarn Center. The fact that I have no self-control regarding stash acquisition should have no bearing upon the situation at all. Let’s just say I was providing a service, a charitable service, by acquainting a dear friend with a resource previously unknown to her. Yep, I’m a Good Samaritan through and through. A Good Samaritan who happened to leave the store loaded down by several balls o’ mohair and wads of roving. Jenna loved the store though, so the fact I dropped a little cash while simultaneously helping out a friend is quite acceptable. Quite acceptable indeed!


After Jenna and I parted ways that afternoon, I went straight home and occupied myself in a little nautical themed yarn play. Okay, “little nautical themed yarn play” is a euphemism for one large knitting project, two crochet projects and possibly a bit of embroidery too. Yeah, it’s all striped with anchors and such. I will probably want to burn all things navy and white when I’m done with this stuff, but well, right now I’m having a blast. You know, I tend to be a bit spirited with my efforts.

What brought on this sudden need to be at one with the sea? Well, I just came off three design projects for Crochet Today mag, which were as you might have guessed, notedly nautical! Oh yeah, there will be crocheted lobsters in your future, people!

I need to go back to Surfas and get some crustacean themed cookie cutters…oh, and some red sparkly sprinkles…


dizzy von damn! said...

i love nautical!

also, surfas is right around the corner from me. next time, call!

Heather said...

do you remember the episode on friends about the lobster? aw! so sweet!

i wants to make a bobster!

Anonymous said...

I NEED to go to Melt-Down ASAP!!!!
grilled cheese in any form is my idea of heaven on earth.

Anonymous said...

Great. Now I'm hungry for really good cheese and all I have here at work is Kraft singles aka plastic cheese. Maybe I should just go buy some decent cheese at the wine shop.