Thursday, March 06, 2008

Star Trek Tour


Deirdre said...

Oh my this rock HARD.

Megalion said...

I miss when it used to be The Spruce Goose dome... home of the world's largest wooden airplane. But then they shipped it off to someplace inland... Texas? *google* Nope, Oregon! The Story Here

That dome was also the home of Gotham city in Batman Forever (or whichever one had Jim Carrey playing the Riddler).

I wonder what else it has been used for?

Thanks for your pictures, now I kind of wish I'd gone while it was still here! But it was money that I didn't really have to spare.

Ro said...

OMG. I swear I felt your blog calling me, beckoning me to visit. This must have been why LOL. You know when someone says "Trek" my response is, Where, Where, WHERE? As I run into the nearest wall.

Big hugs. Think of you more often than you know!


Crafty Andy said...

Thanks for sharing the great experience, Peldor Joi! Live Long and Prosper!

Mini said...

How the hell did I miss this?!