Thursday, March 06, 2008

Treking The Stars!

A few weeks ago the hubs and I traversed just south of us to the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California, in order to partake in a bit of LadyLinoleum sanctioned geekdom...The Star Trek Tour! 
Let me tell you all, it was awesome!  We were able to stand on the bridge from the original Star Trek set as well as the bridge from The Next Generation set (and yes, I did sit in Picard's that guy!) and view all of the props and costumes from the various Star Trek franchises, both television and film.  They even had a Tribble in one of the display cases!  In my humble opinion, Tribbles are THE finest examples of fun fur usage to be seen anywhere!
Anyway, I put a very short slide show together of the highlights of our visit which can be seen below.  We had a faboo time!  I highly recommend this event should it travel to a locale near you! 


ms. tea said...

shout out Long Beach! shout out Queen Mary! shout out to LadyLinoleum coming to my fair city!

Jessica said...

Hooray for the Star trek exhibition! I got the chance to visit it back when it toured the UK (and when I was but a bright young thing...) I loved seeing the original bridge - especially where the arm was bashed up from Will Shatner always giving it a good whack in each episode.

Micky said...

When you sat in that hallowed chair, did you say "Make it so."?

Tribbles. heehee


Anonymous said...

FUN!!! I took my son to a Sci-Fi convention in Sacramento several years ago but it was small beans compared to LA. Must beam myself down there some day!

Happy Hooker said...

Ooh, Trek! I'd kill to see da tour.

I bid on Captain Kirk's chair on Ebay....lost waaaaay early in the bidding. *LOL*

Maybe I'll crochet one.

PS--love your blog