Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Brain Embroidery
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Not only does this adage apply to living a greener existence, but it can also be applied to living a more fully realized yarn-based existence. Oh, yes! You see my friends, intrepid exploration about the interstices of an idea, image or process oftentimes portends repetition of said idea, image or process, in an alternate iteration that is.

What the hell am I talking about, you ask?

Okay, remember the If I Only Had a Brain Shawl that I worked up several months ago? Yeah, well, that brain image? I just cannot let it go. In short, I feel that it has not outlived it shelf life. Nope, not in the least.

So, where has the gray matter turned up?

Inside the border of my embroidery hoop!

And looking quite fetching I might add…

Although this latest cerebrum inspired piece is quite satisfying to work on, I feel that this brain’s journey is far from complete.

Any ideas about where the brave and bold brain will show itself again? Do tell.


Anonymous said...

tea cozy?

laura said...

I love the brain embroidery. LOVE.

kerri said...

I just found you recently and I'm loving the brain embroidery.

I'd vote for a laptop case, or a bag. Some days my brain feels like an accessory.

Nancy said...

uhmm how about the inside lining of a hat..

hidden joke.

Anonymous said...

After poking, prodding and otherwise studying actual human brains in the Human Gross Anatomy lab (along with the rest of the body) I doodle them on everything. And make them out of clay. And etch them on glass- beer and shot glasses in particular. And... the list goes on. Some of those images just stick in your head, you know?

Micky said...

A "Your Brain on Yarn" slogan?
Seems fitting.

And I have seen other mediums on Ravelry, so just post what you want. It's your notebook, go for it.

Anonymous said...

Maybe on a bicycle helmet somehow. How to get it on there is for you to figure out!

Mariana said...

Backside of men's pants?!

Dk's Wife said...

On the front of a woman's t-shirt that says "I'm more than a beautiful body."

Anonymous said...

It would be wicked on a t-shirt or as a detail on a skirt.

FinnyKnits said...

Ok - I was looking through the Craftzine blog and saw you on there - rockstah!

Nice brain.

Batty said...


OK, I need to watch fewer zombie movies. The brain embroidery looks awesome.

Stephen said...

A needle-felted brain would look delicious on any cool ghoul's dinner plate!

Anonymous said...

Was wondering-as busy as you are-will you be putting together the instructions for the brain shawl you made-i'd love to make it for my sis (who is pursuing a PhD in forensic psych in the U.K.) and this would be great for her! I love your stuff-and thank you for sharing!